Las Vegas Events


For many years, Las Vegas has been well known as a trendy spot for casinos, entertainment as well as its large public works endeavors such as Lake Mead reservoir and the Hoover Dam which are well known to be the largest in United States. The city has a great history of individualistic and natural resources.

Top 10 Fairs, Festivals or Events in Las Vegas, Nevada

Here are top ten festivals, fairs and events in Las Vegas.

  • 1.Viva Las Vegas:

Viva Las Vegas is a popular rockabilly event in the globe and is regarded as one of the largest festivals in United States. It features Tiki Pool Party where participants put on vintage swimwear and take part in bikini and swimsuit contest, a four-day music event, tattoo contest, VLV Car Show, the in style Guitar Festival Show and competition. This event is open to all people and not just participants of the Viva Las Vegas four day festival. The event also features car show, burlesque shows, foods, classes and vendors. This event always takes place in mid-April every year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • 2. Clark County Fair and Rodeo:

Well-known as among the best Rodeo festivals in United States, the Clark Fair bring together over 500 of the professional rodeo athletes in the country. For a period of over 40 years, the event has apparently grown in terms of popularity and now draws attention of close to 100,000 visitors. Major features in this celebrated event include the fairground rides, rodeo events and performances, shows of different varieties like racing pigs, circus acts and entertaining dogs as well as lots of exhibits such as creative arts and horticulture shows and competitions of all sorts contesting for best trees, best herbs, and best fruits among other competitions. This event always takes place in mid-April every year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • 3. Cinco de Mayo Festival:

This is the largest heritage festival of all time in Northern Nevada. Entertainment includes Mexican bands, Latin musicians, Soccer tournament, Amateur boxing bouts and Mexican horse performances. Playground with free face painting, bounce houses, prizes and games for kids. Carnival rides run up to 10pm. More than 100 dealers offer clothes, Mexican food, community information, art and craft and other items. Admission charges are $5 for both children and adults of 12-65 years, children under the age of 12 and adults of over 65 years old are free of charge. This event always takes place in the month of May every year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • 4. Reno River Festival:

Drawing attention of over 30,000 spectators every year, America’s best whitewater fair, the Reno River Festival, is scheduled to take place at Truckee Whitewater Park in Reno. Recognized for attracting many top whitewater athletes around the globe for an exciting weekend, this event will feature competitions open to whitewater clinics, paddlers as well as an expo with contemporary outfits for whitewater athletes apart from featuring professional competition. Other events expected to feature in this festival include Run Amuck and mountain bike races. This festival is expected to take place in mid-June this year at Reno, Nevada.

  • 5. Reno Rodeo:

Being the Oldest Rodeo in America, Reno Rodeo will take place for 10 days and is a cowboys association PRCA endorsed sporting event. Made up of more than 350 volunteers, this nonprofit fair is among the main events in United States attracting over 120,000 people each year. The event has been aired nationally on Fox Sports Net, CBS Sports, Versus, ESPN, as well as ESPN Classic. This event is expected to take place in mid-June this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

   6. Hot August Nights:

Appealing almost 1 million participants and spectators, Hot August Nights is regarded to be among the most valuable debut classic automobile events around the globe, and without a doubt, it is the leading car event in the United States. Scheduled to take place at Reno, Lake Tahoe and Sparks, Hot August Nights also features famous 50s and 60s entertainers and presents a mixture of events such as controlled cruises, show-n-shines and much more. This event is expected to take place in the month of August this year at Reno in Las Vegas.

   7. Burning Man:

Las Vegas boasts of hosting one of the celebrated counterculture festivals in the world every year. Being one of leading festivals and events in Las Vegas, with more than 60,000 fans attending this festival, the event is scheduled to take place at Black Rock City located at Black Rock Desert. Despite the fact that some participants may show off their nudity, this isn’t the major artistic expression during this event but community-built sculpture and artwork which is the major focus of Burning Man event. Besides, fire is used in most of the artworks in this event. Burning Man is expected to take place early September this year at Black Rock Desert in Las Vegas.

   8. Great Reno Balloon Race:

Starting with only 20 balloons in 1982, Great Reno Balloon Race has emerged to be the largest hot air ballooning event in United States flying over 100 balloons every year. The event is well known for drawing attention of about 140,000 visitors every year with races in the event including tethered balloon rides meant for children and Balloon Blackjack race where pilots try to ride the balloons above giant playing cards and toss bean bags to particular playing cards .The Race has won lots of awards and prizes including the Best Special Event Award in Reno and in Northern Nevada. This event is expected to take place early September in Las Vegas, Nevada.

   9. Las Vegas BikeFest:

Las Vegas BikeFest has been the largest and most fashionable bike events in United States for more than 10 years. The event attracts over 30,000 motorcycle fans from around the globe to take pleasure in the bike competition and different models of bikes including Hondas and Harleys, relentless partying, live music performances, the World’s Strongest Biker and Mr and Miss Las Vegas BikeFest competitions. The event also features food and drink contest, big-money poker contests, and unique bike vendors. This event will take place on October this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  10. National Finals Rodeo:

Set up by team of Rodeo Cowboys Association professionals, this event is the greatest of the current professional rodeo tour and has been held in the city of Las Vegas for over 30 years. Recognized as the Rodeo Super Bowl, this event brings together the country’s top 15 money-winners talents to contest for championship titles. National Finals Rodeo will take place early December this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.