Las Vegas Exhibit Design Firm Features Black Hat USA

Las Vegas Exhibit Design Firm Features Black Hat USA Banner

The world wide web is a vast network field with information. Since its inception, the Internet has provided the world with a lot of benefits. The exchange of information and communication has become faster and more accessible that it ever was. Everything all of a sudden has become reachable with a few strokes of the keyboard and a few clicks of the mouse. However, the Internet, as good as it is also has its negative side. Going online also places a person in the position of vulnerability towards attacks from undesirable and scheming individuals. Online security has always been a concern since the whole world stated going online and being connected on the Internet. Hackers, phishers and other bad elements prey on unsuspecting Internet users and each year the number of victims increases. This is the main reason why Black Hat USA is a very important event.

What is Black Hat USA?

In this day and age of the Internet , it is important that the public which uses this technology is made aware of the security threats that lurks at the dark corners of the world wide web and how to avoid if not combat them. Black Hat USA is a gathering of security expert which partners with a Las Vegas exhibit design firm to present its advocacy in making the internet and information technology safer for everyone. The trade show booth design in this event will feature the latest technology available in information security. Since the very first event in 1997, Black Hat has become a bigger event with multiple venues and attended by experts in information security.

What to expect at Black Hat USA?

For those who are looking to attend the event, Black Hat USA has a lot of in store for everyone to look forward to. The Las Vegas exhibit design firm will set up the exhibit with the trade show booth design that will become the centerpiece of the event. The exhibit will feature the latest in information security as well as booths from related companies, products and services.  Another feature of Black Hat USA are the trainings being conducted during the event. These trainings are specifically made for the event and will provide hands on skills building for those who are interested. This is also an opportunity for information security experts to showcase their skills. There will also be seminars during the Black Hat USA event. These seminars are conducted by information security experts and will be attended by a lot of people. Researchers and companies will also do a presentation of their breakthroughs and the latest products related to information technology. Thousands of information security executives and experts are expected to join the event so this is also a great venue to build connections and widen the network.

The Black Hat USA even is scheduled on July 22 to 27 at the Mandalay Las Vegas, Nevada. This event is jampacked and loaded with a lot of activities so it is something that should not be missed.

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