Las Vegas Points of Interest


It doesn’t matter what part of the city you decide to lodge in. Every section of Las Vegas holds something of interest to visitors. This city is filled with quality hotels which serve to enhance Las Vegas vacations. Most hotels have their onsite casinos for their guests. This is the case no matter the general size of the hotel.

The larger and more famous casinos, such as the Bellagio and the MGM Grand are well known. These locations offer more than simply a hotel stay or a casino visit. They are the top of the line, as far as, quality and luxury are concerned. These fine hotels have shopping opportunities and great restaurants.

Many people traveling to this city are joined by their family. Fortunately for them, Las Vegas offers many interesting attractions and activities. There are fun things that will interest every member of your family. You will even be happy to find that there are some free attractions here.

Las Vegas Attractions

Other Interesting Aspects of the City

There are great shopping locations, wonderful restaurants, and gorgeous scenery to occupy your time with. One wonderful free attraction is the Aquarium at Silverton Hotel. Indeed, spending the day learning about the amazing marine animals that call this place home, can be great fun.

Chocolate lovers will want to stop by the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. This attraction is seven miles from the Vegas Strip. It allows visitors to see the delicious chocolate made here. You will also be able to taste and buy these candy fares.

When planning Las Vegas Vacations, it is wise to note that some attractions are better seen at night. The Fountains at Bellagio are one of these. They are spectacular. The evening light and music show at this location is recognized around the world. It has even been featured on the big screen, many times.

The Freemont Street Experience is another great sight to view at night. This attraction features a $70 million dollar project. The light canopy displays a grand 540,00- watt system. Many of the large hotel resorts have live entertainment nightly. These include recording artists, celebrities, and comedians. Some of the greatest acts around appear in Las Vegas.

Those vacationers who are interested in art and museums will find a wealth of offerings here. The Auto Collection at the Imperial Palace attracts many tourists. Here you will find 350 classic cars showcased. This is a wonderful way to see these vehicles in mint condition.

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is also an inviting way to spend a day. Displays include animal exhibits. These show the wildlife commonly found in Nevada. Children will especially love this location. There are hands- on learning stations for kids here. They will also love the M & M’s World attraction.

The M & M’s World is a four-story showcase mall. It features the candy treats it’s known for, as well as, other items. Here guests can purchase T-shirts and other souvenirs with the brand logo on it. Tasting these candies will appeal to children of all ages.

You will find Las Vegas Vacations some of the most enjoyable, of anywhere in the world. The international feel of this city allows visitors a lot of diversity in activity and cuisine. Each day of your trip here can be full of fun, excitement, and adventure.

Las Vegas is one of the interesting cities in America. It’s known for things such as exciting shows, Elvis, gangsters, the rat pack and of course, gambling at the fantastic casinos that line the Strip and exist all over town. Downtown Las Vegas includes the newly renovated Fremont Street Experience, where guests can walk under a lit canopy between some of the most classic Vegas hotels on the pedestrian-only street.

Are you considering a trip to Sin City? What follows are some interesting facts about the city. Take a moment to learn a bit about the city’s history. Discover how it came into existence, and how it compares to days gone by. Go beyond the stereotypical assumption that it’s a city that was created by mobsters to make them all fantastically rich and that even today is somehow infested with mob activity. Here is some point for you to consider before, during, or after your next trip to exciting Vegas:

  • Indians must have visited the Vegas valley several hundreds of years ago. They traveled and camped all around the valley, living as nomads in different locations. These people left behind artifacts that help tell the earliest history of what later became Las Vegas.Rafael Rivera, an explorer, has the different of being the first European to record having encountered the valley where the city sits today.

As you can see, there is an interesting history associated with the city that goes far beyond the depictions shown in movies. A lot had happened in the city before the fabulous shows were even a dream. The next time you’re there on vacation, take a moment to remember all the rich history the city holds in addition to the glamorous, excessive and gambling filled vision it is today.

No matter what your interests are, Las Vegas can make your vacation one worth remembering. Be it that you are there alone or with the family, you can find a large variety of interesting options to keep you occupied. You may be a gambler, gamer, sportsman, shopaholic, shoe lover or gourmand; you are sure to find it here.

Here’s a list of activities to enjoy while in Vegas:

1. David Copperfield Magic Show is surely among the enjoyable shows in Las Vegas. You’ll find the tricks and illusions performed by the master magicians unbelievable and almost impossible to perform.

2. The Vegas Eiffel Tower experience truly falls in the category of the most dreamy things one could do here. It has witnessed lots of marriage proposals since its installation here. The ideal time to go up to its observation platform at its fiftieth floor is at night, to enjoy the spectacle that the Vegas Strip is known for.

3. Bellagio Fountains undoubtedly make the best of the free attractions that Las Vegas has. You just can’t miss it! These fountains installed in the central an artificial lake face the Bellagio hotel. You’ll certainly be mesmerized by this memorable show of dancing jets of water reaching amazing heights with modern and classic musical tunes and colored lights in the background.

4. Fremont Street in the central Las Vegas offers a memorable experience that you have to see to believe. Try cold snacks like hot dogs enclosed in chocolate and other curious assortments that are amazingly inexpensive. Late in the evening, you’ll enjoy some of the extremely reviewed LED illuminations and music projected on huge overhead screens.

5. Cirque du Soleil forms an integral part of activities to do in Vegas, especially when you have kids along. Even adults will be pleasantly reminded of their childhood.It is a chain of shows varying from funny and mysterious to sensual. You can select the one which you find most appealing. Some of the currently popular shows include KA, Mystere, O, Love and Zumanity.

6. Treasure Island Pirate Show: This is among best free shows IN Las Vegas. The free show conducted at the Treasure Island Hotel lasts for eighteen minutes and is full of bigger than life swordfights, fireworks, explosions, singing and hot dancing.

7. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum among the seven worldwide sites that contain an actual sized reproduction of celebrities, sports stars musicians, as well as historical figures, making it worth a visit, especially when you want to do things in Vegas other than visiting casinos.

8. The Hoover Dam, not far from downtown Vegas, is one of the most trendy day trips one can undertake after you are tired of shopping and gambling. It is an engineering spectacle situated on the river Colorado. You can also visit the power plant to discover its operation.