Las Vegas Shopping


Las Vegas is an iconic name in the United States of America, the great life of Las Vegas and exposure to wide array of products in the world that anybody would ever wish to buy. It is a city known for its thrilling life; a place where everyone would like to spend his or her holiday at least once in a lifetime. If you are planning to go to Las Vegas, you have adequate reasons that will make no one stop you.

On the top of your list of reasons, I am sure we cannot miss shopping. As an individual who loves shopping, it is true that you are interested in the best places where you will get the best products at the best prices. And in this way you are perhaps wondering among the many shopping centers in Las Vegas which one is the best.

In the same way, you might not also decide what you really want to buy at Vegas but you are convinced you to want to shop. That is why you cannot avoid reading on to establish the top 5 shopping centers (shopping malls) and top 5 things to buy (souvenirs) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Top 5 Shopping Centers in Las Vegas Nevada

When you come to Las Vegas with an intention to shop you must have these five things in mind; to enjoy an outdoor shopping, to enjoy the distinctive entertainment in Las Vegas, to buy designer brands that are budget friendly, have an indoor shopping encounter and finally make a stop at some of the best high-end fashion shopping places. It is for this reason that the top 5 shopping centers (shopping malls) have been compiled for you. To help guide you and ensure that you do not only enjoy your stay in Vegas but also have the thrill of this city.

Outdoor Shopping

The Town Square is on the top of the list of top 5 shopping centers (shopping malls) that you should not miss to visit in Las Vegas. It also offers the best outdoor shopping in the city. The lovely park area that compliments the wide range of assortments of options for shopping makes it an option you cannot ignore. The park area is not only friendly to kids but also to pets. You do not have a reason to worry when you carry your pet along. The shopping center is designed with a complete playground as well as a waterpark. It is, therefore, the best place to visit with the young ones. On top of these, it also offers the best destination for a night with friends or a date. If romance catches up with you cannot afford to ignore taking your sweetheart to the horse drawn carriage ride that is available at the city square.

Best Entertainment

For a fashion addict, you have the Fashion Show Mall. It offers the best you can ever have and free entertainments on fashion in Vegas. Live runway show that lasts all weekend long. The mall is also second in this list of top 5 shopping centers (shopping malls) because it offers high-end as well as moderately priced options for shopping. Stores like After Hour Clubwear, Bally of Switzerland and Cole Hann are available for men. BCBG, Ann Taylor and be are good places for ladies` shopping. The many dining options allow you to rest, eat and watch.

Best Budget-Friendly Designer Brands

The Las Vegas Premium Outlets-North is peculiar for this option. That puts it third on this list. This is the place to go if you love name brands but somehow hate the price tags. It emerges to be among the best outlet malls in Las Vegas. Stores like Bass, Juicy Couture Oakley, and Burberry are hosted in this mall. The Disney Store Outlet is also open for the kids. Parents, on the other hand, will not be disappointed by the Gymboree Outlet store.

Most Department Stores

Despite the upscale destinations that are around your preference might fall on the average American indoor shopping mall experience. You do not have to wonder around check in at the Galleria at Sunset. It has a handful of restaurants, department stores and food courts that will give you the thrill of Vegas. Offers you the opportunity to do all your shopping at a reasonable price. It hosts department stores like Zumiez and Express, Victoria`s Secrets and JC Penny.

Best High-End Fashion

The Crystal is the place to be for this shopping encounter. You should not worry about the prices; if you cannot afford them window shopping is at its best in this shopping center. At the heart of the city center, it has the best dining options like the Mastro`s Ocean Club. Numerous beautiful displays make it an amazing place to do your shopping. With its hands-down architecture, it closes the list of top 5 shopping centers (shopping malls).

Top 5 Things to Buy in Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas are a memorable place to be and trust me you would like to hold the memories as long as you live. The best way to do this is to buy a souvenir. Everyone loves a little gift after a great trip and on the top of this list is the:

Polly the Insulting Parrot

Despite the fact that this has nothing to do with Vegas be sure that your kids will really love such a gift. It’s wacky, foul-mouthed and motion-sensitive is flying out of the shelves at an imaginable Bonanza.

The Baseball Caps

They are the best to help you keep the blazing sun away while at Las Vegas. They are distinctively second in the list of top 5 things to buy (souvenirs) in Las Vegas, Nevada. They, therefore, make a distinctive keepsake for years to follow.

The T-Shirts

They are considered to be perennial favorites. They have sentiments that range from, profound, too funny as well as silly ones. They are the most popular in the list of top 5 things to buy (souvenirs) in Las Vegas, Nevada. I think this might be because of how they communicate how much people love Vegas.

Anything that is Elvis

Trust me the King still has his influence in Vegas. He is actually still reigning. The majority of Souvenir shoppers tend to prefer Elvis during his white jumpsuit phase. And trust me you cannot go wrong with this.

Playing Cards

Finally the last in the list of top 5 things to buy (souvenirs) in Las Vegas, Nevada; these should be those which were once used in actual Vegas Casinos. They emerge to be a beloved souvenir. You cannot afford missing to get them.