Las Vegas Trade Show Displays and More at the PTA Convention and Expo

Las Vegas Trade Show Displays and More at the PTA Convention and Expo Banner

It is often said that a child’s first education starts at home with the parents as the first teachers. Even as the child takes his first steps in school, the education and support of the parents are still important and will play a big role in developing a well-rounded individual and a good citizen. That is why it is important that parents and teachers would work as partners in the development of a child. From its inception in 1897, the National Parent Teacher Association has become an important cog in molding our youth. Throughout the years, the National Parent Teachers Association has built a relationship and a partnership that benefits the younger generation allowing them to make the most of the education that they are being provided.

The National PTA Convention and Expo

The National Parent Teacher Association Expo is the annual gathering of the PTA members in order to consolidate its membership, look back at the previous years’ achievements and to plan the future of the organization. Set against the backdrop of Las Vegas trade show displays, the National PTA Convention and Expo is set to be one of the biggest events for the PTA. Adorned with custom trade show exhibits, this convention and Expo will definitely provide plenty of activities and highlights for its attendees.

Activities at the National PTA Convention and Expo

This year’s National PTA Convention and Expo is lined up with plenty of activities for its attendees and exhibitors. The exhibit floor will be filled with Las Vegas trade Show displays and custom trade show exhibits that attendees can visit and roam around. The exhibitors will feature anything and everything that is related to the PTA and will also include industries groups which throughout the years has helped and partnered with the PTA. Over 1,500 leaders in education, parents, and experts will be attending this national convention and expo. There will be a general meeting and symposium to be attended by those experts. This will allow attendees to have the opportunity to learn new techniques and innovative ideas from those experts which can be used in the classroom and at home. Attendees will also have the chance to network with these experts so that they can ask for support in the future. Coaching sessions will also be held in order to for experts and experienced leaders to mentor other parents and teachers honing their skills so that they can be better equipped after the convention. This is actually the secret to the PTA’s success with its members willing to extend a helping hand and are all highly dedicated to improve and equip every child with the tools needed to become future leaders and model individuals.

Parents and teachers who are members of the PTA must all register and visit Las Vegas on June 22 to 25, 2017 for the 27th National Parents Teachers Association Convention and Expo. Do not miss the chance to contribute and be partners with the PTA in building every child’s future through education at school and at home.

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