Las Vegas Was Tops In Trade Show and Expo Attendance in 2012

Las Vegas Was Tops In Trade Show and Expo Attendance in 2012 Banner

Las Vegas has long been a favorite location for many trade shows and expos. Vegas recorded its highest attendance ever in 2012, with trade show attendance up just under 2% though the number of conventions and meetings held increased a much more respectable 13% over 2011 numbers. Las Vegas plays host to some of the largest expos in the country, including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) (the largest trade show in the country).

The town is showing no signs of slowing down, either. Las Vegas is scheduled to play host to over 150 different expos and conferences in 2013. These expos have a sizable economic impact on the city as well, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars in revenue. With an economy that is more focused on tourism, travel and leisure than just about anywhere else in the country, this additional economic impact is quite significant and even more welcome in an area that is still struggling to come out of a recession.

Some of the biggest las vegas trade show last year were the mining industry’s MINExpo International, which drew more than 50,000 attendees (an increase of nearly half over last year) and, of course, Consumer Electronics Association’s International CES, which attracted over 150,000 attendees (its most ever) and showcased some of the most impressive exhibit design seen at any expo.

Las Vegas has long been a top spot for conventions, expos and trade shows, thanks to its excellent venues and infrastructure as well as a climate which is suitable for exhibiting year-round. Not known for its modest architecture or understated design, the city itself seems to encourage exhibitors to break out the ‘big guns’ and go for broke in terms of flashy and over-the-top exhibit design that always wows attendees and fits in perfectly with a skyline of outrageous skyscrapers and architectural marvels.

All in all, Las Vegas played host to nearly 40 million visitors in 2012, which means an average economic net gain of $100 for every visitor. But, the economic tally doesn’t tell the whole story. The fact that Las Vegas saw record attendance for both leisure and business shows that it is not just a location for vacationing, but also one which has appeal to businesses as well. Always, showcasing some of the most impressive expos and exhibit design, ‘Sin City’ doesn’t just know how to play hard, it knows how to work hard as well.

Here’s to a 2013 which is even bigger and better for the trade show industry than last year.

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