Call Center Week: More Audience with Las Vegas Trade Show Rentals

Call Center Week: More Audience with Las Vegas Trade Show Rentals Banner

The contact or call center industry has become crucial in fostering great customer relations, establishing market presence, as well as doing after sales follow ups. Recent data showed that about 60 percent of the world’s call center organizations are located in the US. The industry is led by health care providers, financial services, and sales and marketing companies.

The Growing Need for Call Centers

Call centers are considered as the lifeblood of industries. It doesn’t only take care of marketing efforts but also ensures great customer relations and support. Officers or agents are highly skilled and trained in customer engagement, IT support, and in the fine art of handling complaints and processing requests.

Although considered as a relatively young industry, call centers play a pivotal role in business, especially with the emphasis on customer experience and the growth in the number of customer relationship management tools. This is why it’s important for companies, no matter how big or small, keep up with trends and be on top of issues that affect the call center industry, its people, and how they deal with clients. One good way to make your presence known in the field is to take advantage of  Las Vegas Trade Show Rentals and showcase your company or firm in trade shows.

Don’t Miss the 18th Call Center Week Event!

The upcoming Call Center Week trade show will happen on June 26th to 30th at The Mirage in Las Vegas. It’s the 18th annual convention of the biggest names and influences in the call center industry. Being here offers invaluable experience as well as exposure.

The CCW Digital is a union of CCW and Customer Management IQ. Considered as the world’s largest customer service event, the CCW is also easily the most influential. On the other hand, Custer Management IQ is one of the biggest community, advisory and resource hub for the customer experience professional, as well call centers and customer management practice.

CCW Digital creates an improved generation of call center professionals who deliver more satisfying customer service experience for both enterprise and customers alike. This is done through complementary 24/7 opportunities to interact with other like professionals through online resources, and award-winning conferences. CCW Digital serves as a central repository for the latest research and resources for the call center, support, and customer management industry.

Call center professionals, management, and industry leaders will have access to opportunities for networking, research and resources, access and product matching. This event alone offers companies a chance to tap into a database of over 100,000 qualified and vetted professionals. Participants will also be given access to digital reports and papers valued at over $2,000! More importantly, Call Center Week brings people, services, and companies together. They match companies with people as well as vendors who offer the kind of product or services they need.

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