Los Angeles Trade Show Booth Designs For BizBash Live Expo 2017

Los Angeles Trade Show Booth Designs For BizBash Live Expo 2017 Banner

If there’s anything you should be looking out for at the Los Angeles Trade Show Booth Designs, you should be eying those at Illuminate: The BizBash Live Expo 2017, to be held this July 19th inside the California Market Center. Not only would you be enticed to see the exciting designs that will be an eye candy for anyone who is coming in as onlookers, but as participants, be sure to network with event professionals from prestigious companies such as Disney, Goldman Sachs, Google, Marcy Blum Associates, KPMG, and institutions in the fields of commerce, marketing, and information such as Nielsen, Time Inc., George P. Johnson, and NBC Universal.

BizBash Live in Los Angeles is not new to the events scene in California Market Center. Packed with incredible and amazing new activations, booths, new vendors, inspiring new education, and experiences you will only see in BizBash, this annual event is one of the sought-after opportunity to connect, collaborate, and create significant relationships in the business network community.

Some of the luminaries to look forward to in the BizBash Live Los Angeles include the ever forward-thinker, Gabrielle Kessler, the creative director of The Visionary Group; Director of Special Events of The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Foundation – Jeff Olsen; one of the tech think-tank and business savant, Bob Caldwell, Founding Partner of Eventbots (by Sciensio), and ever charming yet brilliant trailblazer, President and Founder of Sacks Production – Sharon Sacks.

BizBash is one of the global trade media platforms for event venues and resources based in New York City. Not does it started to carve itself a niche in the media source for event pros and “hidden planner”, but it boasts of a network of more than 225,000 monthly users in each of its event it has staged in the last decade. David Adler is no stranger to success as he himself is a renowned media icon, but founding BizBash proves to be a giant in its own merit in staging live gatherings serviced with suites of products including exhibitions, conferences, and meetings, as well as learning and training, marketing and PR stints, fund-raising and galas, celebrations or even weddings, as well as government and ceremonial engagements.

Some of the most successful events using a unique Los Angeles trade show booth designs had been seen at the Los Angeles Convention Center last 2016 with the Live Expo Los Angeles 2016. So, clear your calendar and get ready for the return of BizBash in LA with a bigger bang, more exhilarating event activities, much wider audience and participation of partners and exhibit design companies, as well as making your own company connect with the right people, right corporate contacts, in the most awaited event this year.

Don’t procrastinate and block your schedule on July 19th and head directly to Los Angeles Market Center for this –one-day event. Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of this event and visit the website of Blazer Exhibits & Events for more details.

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