How to Make Content Marketing Part of Your Tradeshow Plan

How to Make Content Marketing Part of Your Tradeshow Plan Banner

Content marketing and trade-show attendance should be inseparable. But, what does that mean? First, it means that you have to look at the upcoming show as part of a large content marketing plan. Second, it means that you can’t think of the two as separate parts of your business. Here’s some more information about how to incorporate content marketing into your upcoming trade-show plan.

Start In Advance

Use your website to provide people with direct information about the show that you plan to attend. Instead of selling the show, though, sell what you will be showcasing at the show. But, wait, doesn’t this give away all of your secrets for free? No; but it will show people that you are going to be providing a lot of educational materials and interesting information at the upcoming show.

In addition to using your site, use your social media networks to spread details about the show. Again, make sure that you’re giving people good information that they can use prior to the show. What does this mean, exactly?

Here’s an example: provide your social media and blog audience with downloadable materials well ahead of the trade-show date. These materials should educate people about your business, provide something that they can use (information, facts, ideas), and should also include some of what you’ll be selling at the upcoming show.

What Kind of Content?

Forget what your SEO person is telling you, and skip the keyword-based content ideas for now. Instead, focus on what your clients want to read, and, more importantly, what new clients may want to see. To do this, put yourself in the shoes of a tradeshow attendee. If you were attending a show, and you walked up to a booth, what would you want to learn about? What would you want to know about.

Now, put all of those thoughts and ideas into a PDF, an e-book, or some other format, and offer those things to your clients. Should you give away all of your ideas? Yes! But, shouldn’t you save some of those things for your portable booth? Your concepts and ideas are much more than what you will put on a piece of paper. The conversation continues when people come to your booth. People will automatically want to know more about the concepts that you present, and these things can be further explained in person.

Avoiding Content Means…

It’s just not a good idea. People want things to read, and you have to give people those things. Sending out content in the form of anything downloadable or free (in exchange for an email address, of course) is how you start the ball rolling. You have to combine content marketing with your tradeshow booth setup in order to really get the word out about what you’re selling. There’s just one more tip we’d like to share with you when it comes to content marketing.

Anyone can do it. No, wait, it should go like this, “everyone should do it!” Even if you think that your product is so small it can’t possibly warrant any kind of tradeshow booth, content material, or anything else, that’s not the case. Every business can benefit from content marketing, just like every business can benefit from a great booth exhibit. Keep in mind that content and display setups go together, and you’ll be able to really share your product or business message.

Booth Design

Let us help you incorporate your overall message into your booth design. No matter what you want people to know about your company, we can make it happen through an interactive or original booth setup. Plus, we also offer used booths, portable booth types, and rental booths. Call us today to book a consultation with one of our designers. When it comes to your tradeshow booth, Blazer Exhibits has you covered! Call us today to find out our rates for any kind of booth exhibit, or to find out more about our portable booth and design process.

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