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Make Sure You Follow Regulations When Exhibiting To Avoid Getting Your Company In Hot Water

Like any other industry, there are a whole host of rules and regulations that go with exhibiting at a trade show. Many of them depend on the policies and rules of a particular venue, while others may be the law of the local municipality or even a state or federal requirement. These regulations range from contracting requirements to safety regulations and accessibility mandates. If you are not aware of these laws or regulations ahead of time you could end up getting your company in hot water and could receive a fine, or in rare cases, even a criminal charge.


Regulations and policies that require your attention include adherence to Federal laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which require certain accessibility accommodations for disabled persons. They also extend to venue specific rules on what kind of signage and materials you can have in certain areas and regulations on electrical hookups, size of exhibit at the trade show, necessary insurance and even what kind of food and beverage you can serve or what music you can legally play.


These regulations are a prime example why it is often a good idea to hire a company to help you with exhibit set up. Not only does this save you time and hassle, but it also nearly eliminates any chance that you will face charges or fines based on improper set up of your exhibit trade show. It also decreases the chance that there will be any safety or other issues that might result from improper exhibit set up.


If you have questions about these policies and rules, they are often covered in the information that is given to exhibitors before you end up setting up your exhibit for the trade show. But, don’t rely on this information alone. It is usually a good idea to hire a professional service to assist you with exhibit set up. These are sometimes contracted directly by the venue where you will be exhibiting, but you can often choose your own business if you so choose.


Make sure not to get caught with your proverbial pants down when you are setting up your exhibit and make sure that you have all of your bases covered to prevent legal problems and fines.

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