How To Make Your Trade Show Display Matter at the FMS Las Vegas Forum

How To Make Your Trade Show Display Matter at the FMS Las Vegas Forum Banner

Money is a big issue in every persons’ life. The average household expense in the USA is around $177 per day for a family of 4, with the biggest chunk of housing, transportation, tax, food, and utilities. On the other hand, the average combined annual income of a married couple is around $117,795(based on 2014 data). However, these figures vary on several factors such as location, lifestyle, age bracket and financial literacy. Why do I mention financial literacy? Because people nowadays are earning a lot, but in the end doesn’t have financial freedom. Spending left and right especially the “millennials”. With the influence of social media, spending too much on travel, technology, food, and fashion makes them poor in the end.

Come June 25-27, 2017, the Financial Managers Society will be having their annual forum at the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Las Vegas Nevada. This event will feature not just the big stakeholders in the financial industry but will also promote the newcomers with big impact in the industry. There will be several trade show displays to visit. There were also premiere financial education sessions throughout the 2-day forum hosted by top financial advisors and financial educators. A networking session is a must attend part of the forum as you can know somebody you might need at present or in the future for your financial issues. Companies are finalizing exhibit rentals very early to get a limited slot on this event.

So what should we expect from the trade show displays of the companies that are here? The money will be the basic topic, but what makes you decide to drop by to a certain company? Are you looking for the credibility of the company? Are you looking for a specific person whom you know to be a good financial advisor, regardless of the company? Are you looking for a booth with freebies (because you are so exhausted with all the “money issues”))?All these things matter during a trade show, but believe it or not, a good trade show display matters. Why? People are very visual nowadays. No matter how good your offer, if your exhibit space was not properly decorated people will not come to you. Your space should be properly lit, graphics are well presented, colors are balanced, and people are accommodating. It doesn’t need to be a big space, it should be welcoming and pleasant. A comfortable chair and table is a must, as you will be having a little while talking about money matters. Investing on exhibit rentals will pay off very quickly.

Don’t be left behind and expand your comprehension about your financial standing today and in the future. Nobody wants to be poor as they grow old, everybody wants to be financially stable very soonest so they can enjoy life to the fullest as early as possible.

Getting ready to participate at the Financial Managers Society Forum? Blazer Exhibits & Events is ready to help you with creating custom trade show displays and exhibit rentals for your event space. Call 408-263-7000 for your exhibit needs.

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