Make Your Trade Show Booth An Oasis To Attract More Visitors

Make Your Trade Show Booth An Oasis To Attract More Visitors Banner

When you’re trying to come up with trade show ideas to set your company apart from the crowd, consider what that really means. If you are an attendee at a trade show and have been on your feet all day moving from booth to booth and dealing with all of the noise, lights and chaos what would you be looking for? You just might be looking for a little oasis in the middle of all of the chaos to relax and hang out. If you want to attract more visitors consider making your trade show booth this oasis in the middle of a crowded, loud show floor.

Some of the most effective trade show design has taken advantage of this type of idea. In the most recent CES expo, a prominent car maker erected a large white rectangular exhibit that was lit from all sides behind the white paneling. There were no extra graphics or blinking lights at this trade show booth and the result was a huge influx of visitors who were trying to escape the chaos and confusion of the rest of the trade show.

You hear a lot about trade show ideas that are ‘outside of the box’, and this is a prime example of those type of trade show ideas. If you want trade show displays that will set you apart, you need to be doing something distinct from the rest of the field. So, instead of trying to attract attention by the design equivalent of screaming at passers by with your flashy graphics, consider taking the opposite approach and creating a welcoming environment that is comforting instead.

You could do this by using a number of trade show ideas. Try creating a lounge-type feel for your trade show displays, with comfortable seating and understated design with low-lights. You could even try to work this theme into your marketing materials. What if you were to hire some cocktail waitresses to serve drinks with a little bit of literature on the side? There are a whole host of things that you could do with this idea and it would definitely set you apart. If you’ve ever wanted to have the trade show booth that everyone was talking about after the show, this is one way to achieve that.

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