Making Your Email Marketing More Accessible

Making Your Email Marketing More Accessible Banner

There’s a problem with email marketing. It goes something like this: you sign up for a newsletter, you get those newsletters, but you can’t actually reply to the newsletter. Why? Because the company that’s sent the letter probably has a no-reply@ email address. If you want to ask a question, you have to go through another channel like sending an email to an info@ email address, filling out a blank form, or trying to find someone worth talking to via social media – all of these kind of work, but none of them are particularly stellar methods of reaching out.

If you really want to surprise the people on your email marketing list, do something that can actually work in your favor in the long run: make hitting the “reply” button possible. This tip comes directly from Patrick McKenzie of Hacker News (via this link on SEOMoz). McKenzie knows a thing or two about drawing in an audience via email, and he believes in the ability to respond to that newsletter – but he takes it one step further.

Being Accessible

Not only does McKenzie recommend not sending email from a no-reply@ email address, but he also recommends putting a line at the bottom of your emails that goes something like this: “hit reply if you have any questions – I read them all!” Yeah, that’s one really good way to tell the people you’re talking to that you aren’t too good to respond to messages, and that’s one heck of a way to provide some customer service. But, it’s more than that too.

By letting people respond to what you are sending out, you are also gathering very valuable information. If someone is unhappy with something that you’ve said in a newsletter or email, they are going to let you know that they aren’t happy. Or, they might want to tell you what you can do to make your letter better, or some other piece of important information. Letting people reply to your emails is kind of like sending out a survey asking clients to tell you what you can improve about your business – only it’s not bothersome because they want to reply. See the beauty and genius in that? Okay, so what does this have to do with tradeshow displays?

Connecting Your Marketing to Your Tradeshow Displays

If we all thought of online marketing and offline marketing (which includes tradeshow displays and conference attendance, by the way) as the same thing, instead of separate things, we’d realize that the two go hand in hand, and are, in fact, inseparable. The tradeshow displays that you have us create will link directly to that newsletter sign up, and that is the kind of email response system that we’re talking about – it’s all part of the sales funnel.

It might be hard to figure out how to connect real world marketing to offline marketing, but the two are completely linked. If you’re worried about getting too many comments from your subscribers than you have a problem – there’s no such thing as too much feedback! You don’t necessarily have to respond to the questions yourself, you can delegate this, but it is a really good idea to let people know that they can contact you easily.

Our Services

At Blazer Exhibits, we work to make sure that the tradeshow booths you attend any conference with are excellent and unique. This also includes helping you link your tradeshow marketing with your tradeshow booths and your online marketing, so we hope that you like our tips and tricks. Since we pride ourselves on being accessible, please feel free to contact us via Facebook for additional information, or just send us a note.

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