Making More Out Of Less: Table Displays And Pop Up Displays

Making More Out Of Less: Table Displays And Pop Up Displays Banner

If it’s your company’s first foray into trade show exhibiting and you don’t want blow your entire budget up by breaking the bank on your introductory exhibit, it makes sense to go small. The only problem is how to stand out and make noise with a less overwhelming trade show display when you are likely going to be competing with some behemoths from larger, more established and more experienced exhibitors.


Maximizing impact with table displays and pop-up exhibits for trade shows.The challenge is one of making the most out of the least. If all you have are simple table displays and pop up displays, you can still craft a compelling trade show exhibit, but you have to be creative and steal a couple tips from the professionals.


There are a number of ways to make sure that you still get some good exposure when you are dealing with a smaller space and a simpler display setup. You can make the most of pop up displays by putting multiple displays together and tying them together with a large banner graphic. You should also utilize table displays to give your exhibit some structure, as well as provide a place for your staff to write information down, or demonstrate your products on a tablet PC.


And while we’re on the topic of tablet PCs, we should mention that these little gizmos are the perfect accompaniment for any exhibit, but that they are especially good for smaller exhibits. People can be drawn to just about any eye-catching display on a tablet PC. And you can also use them to add some interactivity and engagement to the pop up displays in your exhibit.


When you are trying to make the most out of a small exhibit set up, it’s also a good idea to use large, but simple graphics that make the exhibit really pop. Focus on interesting lighting that (literally) spotlights your largest and most attractive graphics in order to maximize their impact.


Most importantly, you need to make sure that your staff are exceptional at engaging passersby if you are going to go with a more modest trade show exhibit with just a table display and a couple pop up displays. This is what will really make or break you. A good staff that are excellent at engaging attendees can win you a lot of attention (not to mention leads), but a poor one could make your entire trade show presence a bust.

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