Many Expos Grow Increasingly International In Scope

Many Expos Grow Increasingly International In Scope Banner

Some of the largest expos have always featured companies, exhibitors and clientele from all over the world, but increasingly even medium-sized and small trade shows are featuring exhibitors and attendees from across the globe. Perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising in light of the fact that our world is in fact growing increasingly connected as globalization progressively shrinks the planet. But, just how far this trend has gone has surprised many.

A trade show is designed to represent the industry that it serves as best as possible. So, it makes sense then that many expos would grow increasingly international as many industries do the same. Featuring attendees and exhibitors from all over the world is a sign not only of a successful and popular trade show, but also of an increasingly globalized industry that includes successful companies from many different countries around the world.

The internationalization of trade shows also presents some challenges, however. Chief among these is the fact that providing a positive experience for attendees and exhibitors from all over the world requires expos to carry staff that are multilingual and also familiar with the customs and traditions of people from different cultures who will be attending the show. This can present extraordinary logistical challenges for trade show organizers and administrators.

Whether the challenges are worth the reward remain to be seen, but some of the most international expos have certainly drawn enough attention and made enough waves to cause others to take notice and consider how to handle (or even pursue) increasing their international presence and appeal. Certainly, the logistical hurdles are significant and present a challenge for even the largest expos. But, the benefits of a global reach are also huge.

All in all, we should expect that the trend towards increasing globalization and internationalization will mean that expos and trade shows continue on this path and that the future holds even more potential for the growth of major expos as they are attended by all manner of companies and individuals from around the world.

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