How to Measure Tradeshow Success

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Measuring your return on a tradeshow investment requires a bit of research and a lot of follow-up work. You can’t measure this kind of success by counting the number of business cards that you collected during a show, or even by the amount of phone numbers you’ve gathered. Why? Because chances are that people dropped cards into a box or added a number to a list in exchange for the chance to win something, or because you were giving out something for free.

Some of those people may be interested in what you’re selling, but many are not – they just want the free thing or the chance to win the free thing. Instead, measure tradeshow success by how many people you met that turn into qualified leads or sales.

Setting Up a Demo

One way to figure out how much interest people have in your company is to count the number of people that attend a demonstration or lecture. If you can set this up with the tradeshow organizers, book a time to provide the audience with a demonstration. During that demo time, ask a member of your team to count the number of people that are listening to your speech. If people are standing and listening to you talk, they are probably interested in what you’re selling (and not just in that free giveaway).

Selling Products

Another way to determine whether or not a show was worth attending is to measure how much of a product or service you actually sold. Be ready to take money in any form (look into a product like Square if you don’t have a credit card setup), and count the number of items that you sold. Even if you’re selling a service, you can still count the number of service purchases that you’ve gathered.

Your Own Learning

What if you didn’t get any real interest in your product and you didn’t’ successfully sell anything? Can a show still be counted as useful or important in these cases? It all depends on how much you learned while attending a show. If you spend the right amount of time scoping out the competition and learning what other people in your industry are doing, and you gained some knowledge from that time spent observing, attending the show wasn’t a waste of time. Not all returns on investments are of the monetary sort.

Get Feedback

Ask the people that do show up at your booth for feedback. Nobody wants to fill out a long form, but you can make feedback fun by setting up something really quick that allows a person to provide you with information. Why not gain the opinions of people that visit your booth? Find out why your exhibit did or didn’t work, what you did right or wrong, and why that person would or wouldn’t buy your product. Feedback is invaluable, and it’s what marketing companies are built on, so take advantage of these essential details.

Make a Note

Take a good look around any show you attend, and see what the highly popular booths have to offer. Do they have a different design that stands out? Are they giving away something great for free? Do they have something that you don’t? Make a note of everything that a successful booth display has, so that you can better prepare your booth next time.

Let Us Help

More than half of the battle at any tradeshow is setting up a booth that attracts visitors. At Blazer Exhibits, we know how to make a booth display that shines. The trick is to combine excellent design with various features, and to customize a booth display in order to make it your own. Take a look at some of the tradeshow displays and projects we’ve completed on this blog, and let us know how we can help you.We want to make sure that your next tradeshow is a huge success and provides that return on investment that you want to see. Call us today!

How do you measure tradeshow success? What makes your tradeshow displays stand out? Let us know!

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