Modular Design: Providing More Options For Exhibiting

Modular Design: Providing More Options For Exhibiting Banner

If you are new to the design world, you may not be familiar with the concept of modular design. Today we’re going to introduce the concept and explain how it has significantly revolutionized the trade show design industry. Modular design allows for an increased level of versatility and adaptability for your trade show exhibits, while providing more options for you to tailor your display to whatever your next event may demand.


The idea behind modular design is to create a design that is composed of several parts (or modules). The advantage being that these modules can be removed, added and reconfigured to allow for just about any situation. For trade show exhibits this means that you can purchase one exhibit that can be used at many different venues and events because it can be reconfigured to meet whatever space requirements there are and to allow you to scale up from a simple portable display to more involved trade show exhibits.


Modular design thus opens up all kinds of options for a company that is exhibiting. It provides the ability to constantly be changing your trade show exhibits, not just to deal with logistical and space requirements, but also simply to slightly modify the design so that your trade show exhibits are always a bit different. This makes a modular display much more versatile. It’s like many exhibit displays in one and can be paired down to form a simple portable display and scaled back up to provide a larger exhibit experience as well.


Modular design provides a whole host of opportunities and possibilities that were only available to companies with a very large budget for trade show marketing in the past. They are increasingly available at competitive price points and no other exhibit design form provides more flexibility or more mileage for your trade show dollar.


For more information about all kinds of trade show exhibits, from a portable display to modular and custom exhibit designs, contact us at Blazer Exhibits & Events. We’re more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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