The Montreal ‘Go Global’ Trade Show

The Montreal ‘Go Global’ Trade Show Banner

On September 27th, Montreal’s Palais de Congres is hosting the ‘Go Global’ trade show. This is the show to attend if your company is looking to hire people that want to travel the world as an employee, a volunteer, an intern, or for any other reason. This show is unique in that it features some of the most unique job opportunities in North America.

Working and Living Abroad

There are a lot of different companies and organizations that hire people to work in other countries. If this is something that your company or group does, the Go Global expo is where you will find the people to fill those positions. Since there are many reasons why people would want to travel to another country for work, this is the chance to connect with eager travelers seeking a higher purpose.

On the flip side, if you are the one that wants to travel to another country in order to work, the Go Global expo is where you’ll find companies looking to hire people just like you. In addition to working in another country and learning about those opportunities, this trade show features some fun guest speakers and useful information in the form of conferences too.

Travel Agent Opportunities Too

The other reason to attend this trade show is if you run a travel company. Connected with large groups that need travel accommodations to various countries is a great way to gain new clients. There’s also the good possibility that some people seeking positions in other countries will be interested in either working for your travel agency, or in booking a trip to a far away land with you.

All of these reasons are good excuses to head to Montreal, enjoy the city, and make sure that your trade show booth is in tip top shape. Since the Go Global trade show is filled with hundreds of different booths – and it’s in a very big space – it’s crucial that your trade show booth displays stand out. Most of the trade show booth displays at this conference are on the low-key side, but creating trade show booth displays that include some interactive and catchy elements will help you to stand out.

A Marketing Test

If you haven’t been to a trade show before, the Go Global show is also a great opportunity to see what a trade show is like. You can check out some of our marketing suggestions on our site, or ask us about what kinds of things will stand out when you attend this show. We can incorporate any of those things into your exhibit design easily, too, so just ask us how we can make your show experience even better.

The other fun thing to note about the Go Global show is that the first 100 visitors through the door of the show will receive a free copy of the Rough Guide, and the show is free to attend as a spectator. For exhibit design information, make sure to check out the show’s website. Give Blazer a call if you need help with your exhibit design for the Go Global trade show – this show is lots of fun, and it’s the perfect way to meet the people that may soon represent your company or organization.

If you have questions about trade show displays or exhibit design, feel free to leave a note here – or contact us through Facebook. We’ll be happy to get back to you quickly!

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