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customizable, modular inline and island exhibiting systems made easy!

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If you are in the market for a dynamic modular trade show exhibiting solution that will save you valuable  marketing dollars, we have the ideal answer to your needs!

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MultiQuad Exhibit is a unique exhibit system that is composed of interchangeable frames and Quads, that allow you to configure with ease to meet your booth specifications. The dynamic nature of the MultiQuad exhibit systems allows for growth by simply rearranging the base components to the floor space needed for your modular inline exhibit. The MultiQuad system panels have no designated front or back and can be covered on all sides giving you even more options for your exhibiting needs!

Blazer Multiquad Exhibit System

How using MultiQuad modular exhibits can save you money

The lightweight structure of the MultiQuad exhibit fabricated exhibits is 75% lighter and takes up to 93% less packing space, which will save on shipping and drayage.  You can pack every MultiQuad component into cases that FedEx or UPS can ship giving you another shipping option if you use crates for larger shows. And the flexibility to send your exhibit quickly on an urgent basis!

The MultiQuad booth solutions is ideal for both inline and island exhibit configurations and easily converts from one to the other with just a few modifications.

MultiQuad booths assemble with no tools or instructions

Each MultiQuad exhibit is built using a thumbscrew locking system so you never have to worry about tools for your assembly. Simply twist in place and your MultiQuad display frames will be securely positioned. Each piece of every component is clearly labeled with piece names, locations and color-coding, so you don’t even need assembly instructions. Instead just build the system like you would a paint-by-numbers, matching the like colors and labels.

MultiQuad exhibits support monitors up to 42″

The MultiQuad™ trade show exhibit systems can support monitors up to 42″ with ease, while remaining portable and tool-free. The monitor is supported inside the Multi Quad exhibit display frame flush with the front of the display so that only the LCD screen is visible for a clean, finished look that competitor’s cannot duplicate. And since MultiQuad has the unique Quad system that allows you to interchange and move graphics within seconds, you can also reposition the monitor to various locations as needed.

Multi Quad is composed of a series of interchangeable components

MultiQuad trade show display is made from a combination of light-weight, eco-friendly aluminum frames and 23″ x 23″ Quads. The frames are the basic building blocks of the MultiQuad booth system. By combining various frame combination’s

You can create a MultiQuad booth that arranges for any size booth space. Frames are available as either standard (12″ deep) or MAX (23″ deep). MAX frames allow for you to build exhibits up to 16′ in height for large towers and island configurations. All components are available in either Standard or MAX sizes.

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Any configuration of the MultiQuad Exhibit Systems are available for rental or purchase

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