The NADONA with the Best Orlando, Fl Custom Trade Show Exhibits 

The NADONA with the Best Orlando, Fl Custom Trade Show Exhibits  Banner

The nursing profession is perhaps one of the noblest professions there is. It is anchored upon the ability of a person to provide nursing care in the medical aspect of it and at the same time provide compassion and some human touch to alleviate the pain and suffering of the patient. There is a lot of customer service involved in providing nursing care and nurses are well-trained professionals who have a lot of skills required in order to perform the job well. That is why there is a need for an organization which will govern these professionals and to helps nurses have continued training and education. The National Association of the Directors of Nursing Administration in Long Term Care is that kind of organization. The NADONA aims to provide a vision and direction to the nursing profession to maintain it noble nature and credibility.

The mission and vision of NADONA

The National Association of the Directors of Nursing Administration in Long Term Care is a governing organization that provides many benefits and support to its members. The NADONA is currently preparing for its 30th Annual Conference.  This event could have one of the biggest Orlando, Fl custom trade show exhibits. These trade show exhibit displays are just one of the many highlights of this event. The NADONA has gone a long way from the time it was founded in 1986. Back then, it only had 40 founding members from 13 different states but their hard work and dedication paid off. The organization’s mission and vision are anchored on their belief that there is a need for continued pursuit of excellence and great customer service for nurses to meet the demand for professional and top of the line nursing care for patients. Since the time it was founded, NADONA has remained dedicated to this pursuit of excellence through continued education and training for its members.

The NADONA advantage

There are a lot of benefits that NADONA provides for its members. During its national convention, it has partnered with one of the best Orlando, Fl custom trade show exhibits company to provide trade show exhibit displays that will cater to the need of its members. These exhibits will showcase products and services relevant to the attendees so that they will have more to look forward to during the event.  Another benefit that NADONA provides its members are its training and continued education. NADONA has fellows who can provide mentoring and training for its members. These trainings are so valuable since it provides updates on the new trends and techniques in the nursing profession. NADONA’s members are always in the know when it comes to new research and development and this allows their membership to provide excellent nursing care. On top of that, the mentoring program shows that NADONA is always around to support its members.

The National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration in Long Term Care will hold its 30th National Convention from July 14 to 19, 2016. Do not miss this event and head on to Lake Buena Vista, Florida to be with this top notch organization.

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