Nashville, TN New Music City Center: The Healthy Living Expo

Nashville, TN New Music City Center: The Healthy Living Expo Banner

Looking to maintain your healthy lifestyle or be inspired to begin your fitness journey? Going to be in the Nashville, TN area Saturday and Sunday September 28th and 29th? Head to the New Music City Center and browse the latest innovations in the nutrition, fitness, and health industry, or check out a variety of fitness events going on right there at The Healthy Living Expo.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 65 – there’s a little something for everyone! We all know the illnesses and problems linked with obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. This expo can help you jumpstart your new, healthy lifestyle, or introduce those already on the right track to fitness to new ideas and techniques to try. Whether a small change in what you eat or a big change in your activity level, the trade show displays will offer everyone something of value.

What’s There?

There will be over 100 trade show booths set up in the exhibition space to browse, offering a little bit of everything. You’ll find the latest fitness innovations and nutritional supplements, to companies specializing in children’s health and those catering to the elderly.

Some exhibitors will feature health screenings as part of their trade show displays, while others will be giving shots for a very low fee, or free. CareSpot Urgent Care Clinics, for example, will offer visitors to their booth BMI, blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol tests, while the American Family Care trade show display will provide flu shots for attendees. Get information on different ailments, snag samples of new products to make your life better, and enter yourself into some drawings for prizes from numerous vendors.

Want to get active? No problem! Come in your workout gear and visit the Get Active Stage, you can try out that workout you’ve been wanting to learn – martial arts, Zumba, dance, and more – right there during the expo.

Not sure where to start to begin feeding your family more nutritious meals? Head to the Eat Right Stage and watch as demonstrators prepare healthy and delicious meals your whole family will love. They will not only teach you preparation tips and tricks, you’ll learn which ingredients actually offer more nutritional bang for your buck! An added bonus: special guest Megan Stauffer, MD of the Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center will be talking about food allergies on Saturday at 11:30. Also featured: vegan and vegetarian demos; organic and locally sourced meal demos; feeding your family to prevent disease; and Wild Tree Herbs demonstrations.

The American Red Cross will be on hand Sunday from 10:30-2:30 so that attendees can donate blood if they wish.

If you’re looking to not only get healthy but also support natural and holistic products from local businesses, be sure to locate the Natural Awakenings Magazine pavilion. Here, you’ll find a copy of the magazine, highlighting many businesses that make it their mission to offer natural products and services. You’ll find a number of trade show displays within the expo that offer natural and holistic health products and services.

Lots To Do

Bring in your elderly loved one, and visit the AAA Senior Driver exhibit. Here, you can let them show their stuff to show how competent they are behind the wheel, and learn about how their prescriptions affect their driving performance. They will also have a comprehensive list of driving courses designed just for seniors.

If you’re a personal trainer or fitness guru, get certified to be a Piloxing instructor. You may have heard of this newest way to get fit, combining the moves of both Pilates and boxing, and the expo gives you the opportunity to be certified as a Level One Instructor.

If you aren’t a trainer but are looking for an exciting new workout to try, you can sample many programs. There are Zumba classes, Dance Blast classes, Piloxing, Sahaja Yoga, and much more. You’re sure to find something that you find fun and exhilarating!

You’ve got to be in it to win it, and your attendance at the expo puts you in the running for the hourly drawing (that’s right, every hour!) to win a year’s membership to health clubs and facilities in Nashville and the surrounding area. You must be present on the expo floor in order to win. There will also be a variety of products given away onstage after presentations, and at the trade show booths.

If a healthy lifestyle is important to you, or you know it should be, you don’t want to miss this inspiring expo!

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