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National Strength & Conditioning Association - NSCA National Conference features wide custom trade show displays 

NSCA once more will be staging another national conference this July 2017 with a strong purpose on expanding the community outreach initiative with the goal to improve exercise and strength as professional competency in community education in health and physical fitness.

This year’s efforts in fostering a strong evidence-based curriculum for developing practitioners in the health-fitness fields, serves more as an allied population of international community participating in various strength and conditioning opportunities.

Members can expect to see consumers, employers, regulators and even experts in the field converging during the conference. The registry opens to all and can participate in the three day long activities. There several meeting functions which will produce think tanks on the subject matter of strength and conditioning, some even coming from Asia and Europe as guests.

Looking back from the early 80’s, membership expanded exponentially from a mere two thousand, and now being an international nonprofit educational association which serves nearly thirty thousand members in 52 countries. Colorado, where it was originally founded almost four decades ago, witnessed a truly great association that stood for integrity, strength and camaraderie.

Strength and conditioning coaches from across the country will be meeting together this July in trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas to focus on improving the competitiveness of strength training and aerobic conditioning in the new millennia, alongside with a variety of further methods. Strength and conditioning coaches are in for a treat during the conference as new technologies will be introduced and it has never been more important than nowadays, where these new techniques can help athletes with injury prevention and proper mechanics within their sports performance.

In the past years, the conference meets discussed and shared technologies which tremendously helps strength and conditioning coaches to work with sports teams, as well as individuals. Strength and conditioning coaches are often employed by higher education institutions and professional athletic teams.

Strength and conditioning coaches have the option to specialize in a particular sports team, type of performance, training type, training philosophy, or work in the collegiate level, where they are assigned a sport. The general description and duty of a strength and conditioning coach is to develop an exercise prescription plan that modulates aerobic, resistance, and/or flexibility training to suit the metabolic and physical demands of the sports they engage in.

In the United States alone, there are hundreds of certified strength and conditioning coaches who qualifies by taking a CSCS certification. Collegiate Strength and Conditioning coaches are one of the most sought-after jobs in the field of sports. The impact which strength and conditioning coaches are evident in the attendance at the national conference. Researches are also to be shared and discussed in the short breakaway sessions that will feature implementation of effective strength and conditioning programs that is currently practiced and applied in many fields of athletics and other sports. Plyometrics were once mentioned in the conference that has allowed high-power athletes and sports-specific movements to be an integral yet innovative part of strength and conditioning arena. Don’t miss in seeing the featured custom trade show displays at the conference, just visit the visit Blazer Exhibits & Events website to learn more about the activities this upcoming month.



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