National Dental Association – NDA Prides Dallas, TX to gather biggest association of dentists

National Dental Association – NDA Prides Dallas, TX to gather biggest association of dentists Banner

Formed in 1913, it is the largest association in the world that holds the biggest number of a professional association of minority dentists operating in United States, Canada, and Latin America.

NDA as many calls it, extends dental treatment and education to impoverished, disabled or minority populations, as well as those who may not be able to seek proper care due to age. NDA has stayed true to its humble beginnings up to this date by working to maintain professional standards in dentistry and encourage dental careers among minority populations.

In 2009, NDA had grown beyond the national borders of the United States, adding proud and very hardworking members in Canada and the Caribbean, as well as Saudi Arabia and Africa.

Set this July 19 to 23, 2017, Dallas, TX will be holding the 104th Annual Convention at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. The event will feature several activities which will be a good source of networking opportunities as well as launch new products and additional educational information pertaining to dentistry and its professional practice.

At the annual convention, oral health professionals, pharmaceutical companies, dental hygiene suppliers, and even dental assistance practitioners are always present to attend workshops on a range of topics and Dentistry updates in the market. Featured speakers had graced the stage to share their best practices when it comes to oral health. The impact of affordable dental care is crucial in many of the communities around the world where our oral management solutions should be prioritized for the sake of overall well-being.

Online communities are already a-buzzing. ADA or American Dental Association will also have a presence at the meeting on the seminar, promoting both ADA resources and the ADA consumer Advertising Campaign during the exhibit.

NDA hosts several annual events for dentists, dental students, and healthcare professionals in order to serve the community and enhance the skill sets of its members. National Dental Association has partnered in the past with big companies to help answer the needs of our dentists and their patients.

National Dental Association members are advocates of better health that affect minority populations on children’s tooth decay, bad breath, cavities, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, tooth sensitivity, gum disease and even balanced nutrition. NDA members are considered to be community builders. The convention and exhibits in Dallas, TX this July will promote resources to educate for new trends for healthier nations via the professional collaborative care of dentists nationally and internationally.

An oral health professional should be in for a treat this year as like-minded members gear up to set foot in Sheraton Dallas, TX with a signature program focusing on improving oral health care for minorities and underserved communities. The NDA’s President’s Symposium will address guidelines for managing pain and prescribing medications that help patients thru addiction crisis. The event, custom trade show displays, will include wellness instructions and information sessions, health screenings for children and adults, as well as fun activities for all. Be sure to visit the website of Blazer Exhibits & Events for more details.

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