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Blazer Exhibits & Events offers the new Magnetix green portable display systems

Blazer Exhibits & Events magnetix 10x10 green exhibiting system by Abex

Magnetix Pop-Up booth Systems are the latest line of products offered by Blazer Exhibits & Events from Abex Exhibit Systems. Abex has over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the tradeshow industry, and have proven to build a top-notch portable display unit.

This New line of portable trade show displays are designed to take advantage of the latest technologies, materials, and practices which in turn minimizes any impact on our environment.  This a a truly green exhibiting system.  Take a look at some of the innovations with the Magnetix inline portable displays:

Magnetix pop-up exhibit display features:

Fabric display panels are made of post consumer recycled plastic bottles
Aluminum frame made of up to 70% recycled aluminum
Graphics can also be printed on eco-friendly Bio-Flex mural panels
Optional LED lights minimize energy consumption without sacrificing brightness
Simplified components mean more efficient production and less waste
Specially designed light-weight frame minimizes total weight requiring less energy to transport
Durable rotomolded case made of recycled Icorene Resin protects the frame from damage ensuring it won’t end up in a landfill in 6 months or a year.
Made in the USA to reduce transportation distance and fuel usage eliminating the need for ocean freighters to import to the US.
California manufacturing facility adheres to the highest environmental standards in the country, and takes advantage of carbon offsetting to minimize environmental impact.


Magnetix modular booth configuration examples:

The Magnetix Eco-Friendly Pop-up green portable exhibiting system comes in many different portable inline booth configurations, so you can rest assured there is a system that will work with your trade show design and exhibiting needs.

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