The North Coast Wine Industry Expo

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If you are part of the wine industry, you can’t miss the second largest wine industry show in America – The North Coast Wine Industry Expo. This annual event draws thousands of industry experts from all over the United States, and this year event organizers expect the turnout to be well into the thousands.

There are just a few major wine industry events happening in the U.S. each year, and this is one of the top options. So, if you have anything at all to do with the wine industry, you’ll want to make sure to contact Blazer in order to have a presence at this show. Here are some additional details about The North Coast Wine Industry Expo.

Exhibit Booths

Last year, the North Coast Wine Industry Expo drew more than 300 exhibitors, and thousands of attendees. This year, exhibit booths are also expected to reach into the hundreds, and if the pace continues from last year that number should nearly double. While there are some vineyards that do display new wines at the Expo, this industry event is also vital to business owners on the other side of the vineyard.

One good example of some of the types of exhibit booths that you might see is a participant from last year that showcased wine labels her company sold. So, if you are selling corks made from various materials, labels, marketing for vineyards, different types of casks, or anything else that has to do with the wine industry, this is an event that you really need to be at.

Location Details

Where else would one of the biggest wine expos be other than the Sonoma County Fairgrounds? Sonoma is one of the largest wine areas in the U.S., and it’s the place to go if you are really into California wines. So, it makes perfect sense that the Sonoma County Fairgrounds would host this particular event.

As with most other expos, the North Coast Wine Industry Expo includes educational lectures that are aimed at providing wine industry experts with essential knowledge needed to run a vineyard or wine-related company, and to understand what people want out of a company that sells wine products or wines from the California region.

Events and Lectures

In addition to all of the amazing exhibition design that you will see at this expo, you can also expect some great “breakout sessions.” Last year’s session included topics such as Sales, Production, Viticulture, Finance, and many other educational series aimed at helping people working within the wine industry. If you’ve just started a vineyard and aren’t sure how to market what you’re selling, this is the expo that you want to attend. For either education purposes or networking.

When you attend any expo, one of your main goals should be to network with the other people that are attending the show. After all, you all have the same thing in common: your industry. In this case, that industry is the wine industry, and the North Coast Wine Industry Expo is a great opportunity to learn more about wine, your potential market, and the people that work alongside you in the industry.

If you want to attend the North Coast Wine Industry as an exhibitor, Blazer Exhibits can help you when it comes to your exhibition design. Give us a call and let us know what you have in mind where an exhibition design is concerned, and we’ll make sure that you attend the show with the best exhibition design available. You can also find us on Facebook for additional details.

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