Best in Las Vegas: NV Exhibit Rentals Partners with IBS & IECSC

Best in Las Vegas: NV Exhibit Rentals Partners with IBS & IECSC Banner

The beauty and cosmetics industry is a multi-billion business that generates revenue and jobs for countless individuals. Annually, this industry is expected to post growth records comparable to other large businesses.  The beauty and cosmetics industry is an industry where a person can build a career at. Someone who has excellent skills and has the right network can start a salon and build a name that people will go to and admire. For a lot of the famous names in the industry, they got their beginnings at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference and the International Beauty Show Las Vegas.  The IBS Las Vegas and the IECSC are two of the premier events for the beauty and cosmetics industry both happening in Las Vegas.

What to Expect?

Thousands of salon owners, beauty experts, entrepreneurs, and beginners will be attending this year’s IBS Las Vegas and the IECSC. There are plenty to of things to expect at both of these events. First, the IBS Las Vegas and the IECSC are excellent places for beginners and up and coming beauty and cosmetics artists to get their first big break. It is on the show floors of the IECSC and the IBS Las Vegas where many famous people in the beauty and cosmetics business began making a name for themselves.  For beginners and others who are willing to learn and improve their skills, the IECSC and IBS Las Vegas is a good place to pick up more skills. There will be several lectures and teaching sessions during these two events where experts and well-known people in the industry will provide tips and lessons for attendees. There will be plenty of hours of learning during the days of these events. These teaching sessions also include product focus demonstrations so attendees can get the most out of those products being endorsed at these events. Furthermore, attendees can take advantage of the professional only pricing for those products and tools. In between these sessions, attendees can check out the exhibit lining the floor from one of Las Vegas, NV exhibit rentals. The trade show rentals booths add glamor and excitement to the events. Furthermore, attendees can enjoy these two events for the price of one.

Why become an exhibitor?

For exhibitors looking for good events to showcase their beauty and cosmetics business, the IECSC and the IBS Las Vegas are both two events to join. There are several trade show rentals around but these events partnered with one of the best Las Vegas, NV exhibit rentals company to provide the booths for the exhibit. These booths are spacious enough and are well designed so that businesses can flaunt and market their products and services. Exhibitors will be at the center of the event with thousands of attendees that are the target market of their businesses.

The IBS Las Vegas and the IECSC are two events that everyone must attend to be at the center of the beauty and cosmetics business. These events happen on June 24 to 26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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