When One Trade Show Booth Is Really More Than One

A tradeshow display may seem like a fairly straightforward affair, but in fact there are many different decisions that must be made when choosing the correct exhibit booth for your next trade show. These not only include the design choices which are about aesthetics, but also practical decisions about what kind of pieces and parts you need within your tradeshow display and even if you need more than one booth to provide the right environment for attendees.

Fundamentally, a tradeshow display can be used in many different ways. The underlying function of a trade show exhibit is usually to promote the products/services and brand of the company which owns it. But, the ways that this can be done are as diverse as the types of exhibit booths which can be designed or conceived of to achieve this goal.

When It’s Not A Matter Of ‘Or’, But ‘And’

There are times when it’s a good idea to compromise. You can’t have it all, the saying goes. But, that doesn’t mean that you always have to restrict your tradeshow display to one particular function. And that doesn’t mean that your exhibit has to be one-dimensional and only present a single space. Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too.

So, in order to discuss this idea in less vague terms, let’s talk about how you might divide up an exhibit booth into distinct spaces with distinct functions.

Many Ways To Make An Exhibit

There are several different functions that exhibits can provide within the context of promoting the companies who employ them. Here are just a few. Again, the possibilities are endless.

  • Product Demonstrations – This is one of the most common functions of a tradeshow display. Demonstrating your products and services in front of attendees can help to provide a more visceral and intimate understanding of their benefits and can help generate leads and increase sales.
  • Marketing Promotions – Promotions of all kinds are another typical way to utilize a trade show booth. These might include giveaways, contests and other means of promoting the company through various techniques.
  • Interactive Engagements – Games and interactive kiosks continue to be one of the most interesting and engaging ways to get attendees involved with your brand. Because of this, they continue to grow in popularity and to be employed by many companies.
  • Meeting / Gathering Spaces – Sometimes it can be an enormous benefit to a company simply to have a space where all attendees can gather and relax. Other times, it is important to have a more exclusive meeting space for high-profile visitors.
  • Performance Venues – Sometimes the best way to draw attention to your exhibit booth and to your company in general is to utilize a performer and a performance of some type. This might range from a magician demonstrating products to models used to promote your booth.

Separate Functions And Separate Spaces Within One Exhibit Booth

Having multiple functions within a single tradeshow display is not uncommon within larger exhibit spaces. However, more than one of these tactics can also be used in a display that doesn’t have distinct spaces, although it may provide more logistical challenges.


If you have the inclination (and the budget) to employ a larger tradeshow display with multiple spaces, you can create a much more powerful presence at a trade show. In some instances, dividing a space within a single exhibit may not be as attractive as actually creating multiple separate and distinct exhibits. Although this can also be expensive, it can greatly increase the reach and visibility that a business has at the show.


Going From Concept To Design


There are many different ways to create distinct spaces with different functions within a booth. Nearly as many different methods as there are for creating unique and attractive exhibits in the first place.


For more information on the best way to create a unique space and a tradeshow booth that can really boost your company and your brand, don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our designers here at Blazer Exhibits & Events. We’ll come up with several ideas and work directly with you to bring your vision to life with the backing of our experience and expertise.

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