Orlando Exhibits at the Healthcare Financial Management Association 2017 Expo

Orlando Exhibits at the Healthcare Financial Management Association 2017 Expo Banner

If you’re looking for strategies centered in a collaboration that leads to better outcomes for patients, shareholders, and stakeholders you need to be at the HFMA ANI 2017 that will be held on June 25-28, 2017.

The Healthcare Financial Management Association is the nations premier membership organization for healthcare finance leaders with more than 40,000 members. They help healthcare finance professionals meet the challenges of a modern healthcare environment. With the continued evolution of the healthcare industry, one should be smart enough to be always on top. The HFMA is here to help them to be updated on the latest trends, meet trusted suppliers, feed their knowledge with ideas from top keynote speakers of the industry and interact with individuals with the same passion as you are.

What to expect at the ANI 2017?

As the previous year event survey, attendees requested that the next ANI networking night would be less formal and more fun, so this year more laid back sessions are in line. Networking nights are under the disco ball, over the dance floor and with flowing cocktails and foods. This way, attendees will be free to discuss matters of the health care financing. Knowing a peer over a beer might be a good way to start a business relationship. So when the formal session starts, discussions will be easy to start. There are also various networking hubs for the participants such as the collaboration hub, certification networking lounge, and forum networking lounge. Specialized agendas for specific attendees such as the physicians, clinical leaders, working for physician practices and those who work on health plan settings are prepared so they will not get out of place. Four keynote speakers are in line to give inspiration, and to influence the audience. The main topic includes “The Changing Landscape of America”, “the Advantage and Disadvantage – How to transform adversity into action”, and “Influencer- The New Science of Leading Change. There is a total of 38 breakout sessions, 10 leadership labs, and numerous networking sessions on this 4day event at the Orlando exhibit of ANI 2017.

Exhibitor Profile

There are more than 400 exhibitors who will show off their best trade show rental booths at the Orlando exhibit of HFMA. The organizers will showcase different companies in the healthcare finance industry and scheduled programs so the attendees will stay longer in the exhibit hall. Programs such as prize drawings, games, and 2-day lunch. This gives the chance for the exhibitors to maximize the exposure of their trade show rental booths to the attendees of executive level on the healthcare. The impressive trade show rental booths were provided by Blazer Exhibits.

With the HFMA vision of bringing value to the industry as the leading organization for healthcare finance and mission to be the leader of the financial management of healthcare, organizing event such as this, will show how dedicated they are to serving their goals to its members and affiliates

To get more information about schedules, exhibitors, speakers sessions and networking opportunities, visit their website at https://www.hfma.org/ANI/new/

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