Orlando Exhibits: International Children with Diabetes Conference

Orlando Exhibits: International Children with Diabetes Conference Banner

It’s heartbreaking when children suffer from a debilitating condition such as diabetes. However, the good thing is that there are new technological advancements, gadgets, and medicines being developed to improve their condition.

Orlando exhibits, such as the upcoming International Children with Diabetes Conference - Diabetes 123, also aims to pool together medical and scientific experts and give the family of patients a chance to interact with them.

Finding the Help You Need

Starting on Monday, July 3 the well-attended conference will run until Sunday, July 9. The week-long conference aims to make the lives of children with diabetes easier, more comfortable, and healthier. It also offers their family and caregivers the opportunity to better understand their condition and help them lead happier, more productive lives.

The Friends for Life Conference was created for those who have Type 1 diabetes, those who have family and friends who have type 1 diabetes, kids with type 1 diabetes and their family and friends. It will also cater to adults with type 1 diabetes and their spouses or partners and children, grandparents, and health care professionals who work with type 1 diabetes.

The upcoming Orlando conference will feature educational programs, discussions, and talks. Professionals discuss the latest trends in type 1 diabetes health care. Patients, their families, and friends can share and discuss their experiences. This is one way to expand your network for support and understanding of this condition.

Highlights of the Conference

Some of the features of the Conference is the TrialNet screening where attendees can join in the type 1 diabetes screening. There will also be a Celiac screening to be conducted by a team from the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Retinal Screening will also be conducted. This is a non-mydriatic retinal screening for kids and adults with type 1 diabetes.

There will also be Insulin Pump trials where those with type 1 diabetes can join. They would need a certification from their doctor in order to join. If they want to join multiple pump trials, they would need a certification for each of the types of pumps. This is a chance for those with type 1 diabetes to test out various new insulin pumps and see which one would suit them best.

Type 1 diabetes is insulin-dependent and the use of Insulin pumps helps those who have it to be able to function normally. Unfortunately, this type of diabetes is more common in young people than in adults. The help of the family, friends and the community is important for anyone who has type 1 diabetes to cope with this problem.

Teens who attended the first four days of the conference will be offsite on Friday as they visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Additionally, there will be Teen Dance, a Tween Social and a Family Fun Night during the conference. The conference is designed around the participation of the whole family. The activities are not limited to family members but also for friends and extended family.

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