Orlando, Fl Exhibit Designs at the ILA Conference and Exhibit

Orlando, Fl Exhibit Designs at the ILA Conference and Exhibit Banner

Despite the Internet bring people closer together and information becoming very accessible, illiteracy is still one of the major issues that the world faces today.  A large part of the world today still suffers from poor education and many of the people are still unable to read and write. This is not acceptable knowing that the rest of the world now enjoys easy access to information. There is still that imbalance when it comes to education which must be corrected. Literacy plays a big role in development. If the people are able to read and write then they will find it a lot easier to communicate and this will open doors and opportunities for them. Eventually, people will have better options in life and that will lead to progress for the individual and the society as a whole. The battle to eliminate illiteracy is a battle being waged by organizations like the International Literacy Association. The ILA is one of those associations that help the world to eliminate illiteracy and to raise awareness against it.


The International Literacy Association is a worldwide organization whose members come from 84 countries with over 60 years of experience in battling illiteracy worldwide. It is a group of teachers, educators, researchers and other individuals dedicated to reaching out and providing aid and assistance to people in order to help them learn to read and write and have a better access to basic education.  ILA will hold its conference and exhibit in partnership with an Orlando, Fl exhibit designs firm. This exhibit design firm will showcase ILA’s achievements and other resources for its attendees. Parts of these resources are products of ILA’s hard work in publishing materials for its educators. These published works are being used by these educators in helping people to learn to read, write and communicate.

The ILA conference

Annually, the ILA holds its conference and exhibits. This year will be no different. Working with an Orlando, Fl exhibit designs firm to handle the booths and exhibit, this exhibit design firm will create one of the highlights of the event. Exhibitors can join the event and be part of the exhibit. The exhibit hall is very spacious and the booths are well designed that exhibitors will find it very useful and be accommodating. Another highlight of the event is the lecture and talk from the vast selection of speakers that will attend. These speakers are experts from their own field and they will be sharing their ideas and opinion regarding literacy and how important it is in our society.  Researchers will also present their papers and these studies will be the foundation of new resources to be published by the ILA. To add to that, this will open up the conference floor to discussions and will create a lot of buzz about literacy.

The International Literacy Association’s Conference and Exhibits will be held on July 15 to 17, 2017 in Orlando Fl. This event must be supported because it moves forward a noble cause to fight illiteracy which will eventually be very beneficial to all.

(Image credithttps://www.literacyworldwide.org/conference)

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