Outdoor Retailers Convene At Utah’s Outdoor Retailer Trade Show

Outdoor Retailers Convene At Utah’s Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Banner

Every year in Utah some of the world’s greatest outdoor adventure retailers convene at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in order to show off some of their finest (and newest) wares. Attendees can shop and browse all kinds of outdoor gear including camping supplies, hiking apparel, skiing, running, mountain biking and more. As one of the largest expos of the year, the show takes place at Salt Lake City’s Salt Palace Convention Center and features hundreds of retailers and companies attending.

The trade show is open to the public and most companies will be selling some of their products. That makes this show an excellent place to go for outdoor enthusiasts who want to see all that these companies have to offer in one place. It’s also great for comparison shopping and just checking out all of the new products.

And speaking of new products, there are going to be plenty on offer at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer trade show. Some of the most interesting include strips of LED lights that can be attached to the bottom of a surfboard to allow for nighttime paddling across a lake. A Texas company is also offering meat-based chew bars to challenge the long-running reign of Cliff Bars by appealing to the more carnivorous among us.

All of this makes the Outdoor Retailer trade show a must-see for anyone who is a serious outdoor adventure enthusiast. There will of course be presentations about new products and new companies always trying to make a splash in the market. Consumers can expect sales and special edition items as well, while companies can use the trade show as a place to scout out new competition and forge relationships with other vendors and businesses.

As one of the largest outdoor gear expos in the US, the Outdoor Retailer trade show will be a great place to see the latest and greatest of outdoor gear and to get a glimpse of all the new items that companies have to offer. The Outdoor Retailer trade show runs from July 31-Aug 3, 2013.

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