Outsmart Your Peers on these Exhibit Booth Design

Outsmart Your Peers on these Exhibit Booth Design Banner

The design that you ultimately choose for your custom exhibit booth will be a clear representation of your brand and vital to your marketing success. If you get the design step right, then you will be on course to reaping the full benefits of your marketing efforts. With all kinds of trade show booth designs out there, you want yours to attract the highest number of people. But this is no easy task and you will need an experienced team of creatives to build it up for you. Luckily, we have a few tips and ideas that will get you rolling and set you apart on the show floor.

Try something new, unique and eye-catching

It is always a good idea to try something innovative and uncommon yet accomplish the purpose that you intend.
Xirrus came up with a brilliant idea of incorporating a boxing ring that acts as an interactive space while bringing out the uniqueness of its product. Unlike most generic booths which opt for verticality and regular shapes, this was inspired by pop culture. The boxing ring signifies Xirrus’ veracity to down opponents and competitors just like it happens in a boxing ring.

Rendering for Exhibit
Rendering – Portfolio

Tell people about your brand

A good exhibit booth design should have a thematic approach that lets people know about your niche and product. A brand that stands out will last long in the impression of the visitors and this can only be achieved through effective branding. Iron key has a strong branding that is repeated on all sides of the booth, making it easy to notice and remember. The central vertical pillar is very noticeable and includes information about the brand what they do. All elements of the booth are also unified with the central pillar and this ensures consistency all through.

Be Illustrative

Let people see how your product works and they will be more than interested to take part in it. When you are designing your exhibit booth, deviate from the monotony of stationary elements and opt for movement and action. This gives you the opportunity to illustrate new ideas and engage with attendees. Pfister employed this technique in their booth and the level of engagement was up there. Coupled with free giveaways and sampling, the response was overwhelming.

Use bright eye-catching colors and signage

The colors that you decide to use for your booth have a great effect on the overall aesthetics. Various color combinations will help set the mood and tone to match your brand. If your niche is medical, you might want to go with cool colors that evoke a sense of tranquility and cleanliness. If you are in the food industry, bright colors will work best as well as bring out a fun-oriented approach. In the example below, Sun Maid has used bright yellow and red color combinations that not only communicate about the brand but also create a funky mood. Choose your colors wisely and you will set the right tone.

Sun Maid Exhibit- Blazer Exhibits
Sun Maid Exhibit- Blazer Exhibits

Create an expansive feel with wide open spaces

An expansive feel will work wonders in an environment that is trying hard to get busy and crammed. By properly arranging your booth elements, you can create a more spacious feel that allows attendees to cool off from the busy aisles of the trade show. While at it, you can create alternating and adjacent spaces where attendees can view your products. BMW’s booth wanted to create a more spacious feel by using minimal structures that made you feel like you are in an actual showroom by placing the motorcycles adjacent to each other.

Include an interactive space with a digital screen

In today’s custom trade show booth designs, an interactive space is essential for attendees to engage with each other and to ask questions. An interactive space will also give you the opportunity to better understand their needs and create a new customer base. Typically, a digital screen that demonstrates how your product works and a few chairs will get you started. As illustrated below, AXOLOTL incorporates an interactive space designed for attendees and a digital screen that makes the experience worthwhile in the end.

While it is daunting to try and set up a trade show booth that will give you the results you expect, you don’t have to stress about it. We at Blazer Exhibits Inc. are dedicated to giving you a booth design that meets your needs and requirements. Whether you are a big or a small brand, there are numerous trade show display rentals that you can choose from.

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