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Pawn Expo - National Pawnbrokers  Association: biggest and brightest Las Vegas trade show booth design ever  

If you ever get to stay in Las Vegas for a few days, you wouldn’t miss the glitz, glamor, and the bling that the city has to offer, that is why this July, it will see the biggest and brightest Las Vegas trade show booth design ever at the Pawn Expo, the Annual  Convention and Trade Show  by the National Pawnbrokers Association.

Pawn Expo is the only national convention and trade show for the pawn industry. It offers help to new and veteran pawnbrokers in strengthening their business and grow their network as well. Thetrade show display ideas propels the visibility of many business entities in the pawn industry by having this opportunity for education sessions, networking events and featuring more than a hundred companies to link between their colleagues and their customers.

Attendees have the freedom to select from a number of education sessions that best suit their needs. Some veteran participants share their best practices and collaborate with newbies in the business. Getting up to date on the latest compliance regulations to gaining essential product knowledge are just some of the sharings that is compounded on peer roundtables, imminently affecting the daily business grind.

Experience pawnbrokers usually aims to get their hand on the Certified Pawn Professional learning program. This recognizes each pawnbroker as a designation of distinct level of artisanship, unique to the pawn industry. The CPP serves as a badge of distinction that sets a virtuoso from a neophyte.

High-level speakers are also invited in the annual event. The speakers in the past are recruited from several disciplines, not just the pawn industry, allowing a convalescence of exchange of ideas and education which will benefit the pawnbrokers on a wide range of subjects to help them meet success in their own business niche. The three-day convention this July is going to be opened by a strong and inspiring keynote speech that boasts intensive and informative education for all types of pawnbroker.

In the past, the trade show brings over more than 120 companies together to feature the biggest collection of vendors and service providers that cater to the pawn industry. Attendees have the unique experience of having to conduct their business and engage with various vendors from sectors like insurance, jewelry, diamond sourcing, store designing and security, and pretty more.

Exhibitors usually provide ample face-to-face interactions between all service providers as well as all pawnbrokers. The diversity of domestic and international companies present at the convention showcasing numerous single-store operators, as well as multi-store chains, are engaged in making the convention successful. All who had attended in the past are sure to come back this year, so don’t miss out on the wonderful convention by visiting the website of Blazer Exhibits & Events for more exciting news about the who’s who of the Pawnbrokers Expo Trade Show. Let this three-day get together be the best place to learn and also network for the growth of the pawn industry.




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