Performers Can Add Another Level Of Intrigue To A Trade Show Booth

Performers Can Add Another Level Of Intrigue To A Trade Show Booth Banner

If you have decided on an eye-catching exhibit booth design, put together all your marketing and promotional materials and prepared your staff for the big day, but it still seems like your trade show booth is missing something to really help your company stand out at the next expo, you might consider hiring a performer or two to make your trade show booth really draw the attention of attendees.

For 50 years or more, performers have been adding a little pizzazz to trade show booths. Magicians were some of the first performers to be used at expos, but dancers, jugglers, actors, models and more have been used to complement excellent exhibit design and attract attention to a trade show booth.

The best performers can seamlessly weave product or company information into a performance, so that their performance is more than just a spectacle, it’s a way of delivering information about your brand in a spectacular and engaging way. Of course, this requires a performer who is capable of integrating a brand message into their act, which means that they should have some experience with the particularities of expos and trade show performance.

There are a number of magicians and other performers who can do this and have the necessary trade show experience. In fact, some magicians have specialized in performing at trade show booths and providing an amazing performance that is laced with product information and a specifically targeted brand message. Other performers, like dancers and models often are used to provide more of a background allure, though there are always creative ways of utilizing all different kinds of talent. Performers can also create more interesting product demonstrations and integrate into your trade show booth to provide visitors with a more visceral experience.

Regardless of how you utilize them, performance artists are an excellent way to set your trade show booth apart from the other exhibits at the expo. If you are planning on announcing a new product launch, setting up an elaborate demonstration, or just trying to add a little more allure and interest to a trade show booth that already features excellent exhibit design, hiring a few performers to add to the scene can really push your booth’s appeal over the top and help you attract more attention to your company and your brand.

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