Personal partitions and portable guards for office & study areas

Personal partitions and portable guards for office & study areas Banner

As the workplace and office environments start to re-open, safeguards to ensure protection are paramount. Blazer exhibits & Events also offers a wide range of smaller personal barriers outside of the larger corporate solutions. Cubical dividers, partition walls, work station dividers, and desktop barriers for students that are easily cleaned, folded, stored, or moved to locations that need them the most. Let us take a look at some of the different small barrier solutions we have to fit your business, school, or facility needs.

Bulk and Custom Cubical Dividers

Clear 6mm thick plexiglass dividers can be quickly and easily mounted to any work cubicle by simply adding the PVC clamping system to the top edge. Sturdy and easy to clean, these come in three standard sizes, but can also be customized to exact sizes if you require modifications. Custom sizes can be as large as 95.5″ x 35.5″ and smaller.

The barriers include large radius corners to avoid any snagging, PVC clamps that are adjustable from span width for 1″ – 2.5″ as needed.

Workstation Dividers and Desktop Guards

These workstation dividers are perfect solutions for open offices, libraries, and computer labs. These are sturdy anodized aluminum frame-based with 1/8″ clear acrylic panels. Adjustable knobs ensure the hitch wall reaches the counter or desktop area sufficiently. These lightweight barriers can be moved easily and cleaned without worries of damage.

The desktop sneeze guards are a simple and effective way to isolation open desk environments. With lightweight aluminum frames that have an option for 12″ or 24″ return panels for maximum coverage. There are four off-the-shelf sizes are available for immediate use.

– 24″w x 24″h with 12″ return/side panel
– 36″w x 24″h with 12″ return/side panel
– 48″w x 24″h with 12″ return/side panel
– 60″w x 32″h with 24″ return/side panel

Custom sized barriers can be manufactured on request to fit your exact needs in low or high quantities needed. We can build a solution for your exact needs!

Collapsable Personal Desktop Sneeze Guards

Blazer Exhibits and Events offers multiple styles of portable personal barriers for desktops. These options are smaller and easily moved where you are working. minimum quantity options are available by barrier style, so please ask your account executive which option will work for your needs the best. Both Semi-transparent and in clear PVC style plastics. All optional fold and pack easily for ease of shipping.

Multiple options for all work environments are available and if you need anything customized, that can be produced as well, just reach out to our staff and we will get you up and running in as short as period as possible. Blazer Exhibits and Events is committed to helping your business adapt to the current safety concerns for your employees and patrons. We have scalable solutions that can be implemented for schools, offices, lobbies, and just about any area of your working environment.

All of the products are proudly made in the USA and are easy to assemble and ship immediately!

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