Pick Up New Ideas From Trade Show Exhibits in Orlando

Pick Up New Ideas From Trade Show Exhibits in Orlando Banner

Thousands of people come to Orlando, FL every year for a whole range of reasons; most of them because of entertainment. Orlando is home to Disney World and Sea World, among others, and there’s just no stopping tourists – both local and foreign – from visiting this sunny spot.

But do you know that trade show exhibits in Orlando are also drawing crowds? Yes, the National Career Development Association – NCDA Global Conference is one of them. This huge gathering of professional life coaches and career mentors is set to happen on June 28 to 30.

The NCDA Conference will have almost 90 presentations each lasting 75 minutes. The presentations are credited towards the attendees continuing education hours. For the conference, attendees can have as much as 12 hours of credit for attending the presentations and educational sessions. Another 8 hours of additional credit is due for attendance in the Pre- and Post-conference Professional Development Institutes.

Don’t Miss New Exhibitors and Brand New Display Concepts

The theme of The Joy of Working – Positive Approaches to Work, Career, & Life, the NCDA Conference allows the attendees a better perspective of work-life balance as it is held in Disney World. The Conference aims to focus on positive approaches to work as career development professionals. Career Development professionals from around the world are expected to attend this year’s Conference.

The presentations start on Wednesday afternoon continuing until Friday morning. There are also roundtables, each composed of two 30-minute presentations. Attendees can choose another roundtable after the first one, completing the 75-minute program series time frame. Roundtables occur at the same time as Presentation Sessions and are aimed at accommodating 20 participants per Roundtable.

The Pre- and Post-conference Professional Development Institutes offer additional in-depth learning. These are composed of 4 hours of additional continuing education sessions. These are not included in the conference proper and require a separate registration and fees. There are two sessions, the pre-conference on Tuesday afternoon, and the post-conference on Friday afternoon. This is an opportunity to get ahead with additional credited continuing education hours.

The Career Talks are 15-minute sessions patterned after the popular TED talks. These are an added opportunity to listen in to new ideas over a wide range of topics centering on career growth.

The Graduate Poster Sessions, on the other hand, allow new graduate students to share their research, practice, program, an area of expertise or study as well as their thoughts and opinions regarding career growth.

Cash in on the Experience

Participating in the 2017 NCDA Global Conference is a great way to showcase your firm or company’s achievements in career development. You can also learn a lot by going around and looking at trade show booth designs that catch your attention. It can give you great ideas and inspire you to come up with even bolder concepts for the next few trade shows and exhibits that you will be joining.

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