Portable Booths And Display Rentals: Flexibility and Affordability

Portable Booths And Display Rentals: Flexibility and Affordability Banner

It can be a lot of fun to look at the large and elaborate custom exhibit designs that some of the biggest companies seem to trot out at the big-name expos each year, but for some other companies these elaborate affairs can be a bit unrealistic. First of all, that kind of custom design is certainly eye-catching but it also comes with an appropriate price tag. In addition, the concerns for many companies are how easily they can transport and set up their exhibits as well as how affordably they can get the whole trade show thing handled. For these companies which are more flexibility and affordability-minded there are portable booths and display rentals.

Portable booths are just what they sound like. They are exhibits which are able to be much more easily transported from place to place by virtue of their parts and their design. Designing for a portable exhibit can be a challenge, but it one that the designers here at Blazer Exhibits & Events are certainly up to.

The benefits of portable booths are also many. Obviously because of their portability they can more easily be deployed in locations that it wouldn’t be feasible (or would be very difficult or cost prohibitive) to set up a full sized exhibit. This means that your company can go to where the customers / leads are and where the other companies likely aren’t. Who cares if you don’t have the biggest, brightest, most expensive booth out there if you are the only one in the area?

Another game-changer in terms of affordability and flexibility is the arrival of high-quality display rentals. Renting an exhibit no longer means sacrificing much in terms of quality. It also means that you can save on shipping and eliminate (or nearly eliminate) storage costs. This is important because a trade show can be an expensive affair and wherever you can save money, your accounting department (and ownership) will surely thank you.

Both portable booths and display rentals offer an increased level of flexibility and a more affordable trade show experience for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to get into the game without going broke in the process.

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