How to Have Back-ups & Stay Prepared at Your Trade Show Exhibit

How to Have Back-ups & Stay Prepared at Your Trade Show Exhibit Banner

As Murphy’s law famously goes, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” It seems that Murphy’s law doesn’t really apply anywhere quite so much as when you are exhibiting at a trade show. If there are things that can go wrong with your trade show exhibits, you better believe that they will go wrong. And even if they don’t, it’s always best to be prepared for the worst eventuality right?


Trade Show PlanningIn order to prepare yourself for what might be happen at your display stands that you don’t necessarily want to happen, you might make sure that you have a backup plan in order to give yourself a little leeway to fix whatever the world might throw at you (and your trade show exhibits).


There are many areas where you might end up with unexpected issues when exhibiting at a trade show. This is in areas from travel issues to the actual construction and maintenance of your display stands and exhibits.


So, how do you guard against the unexpected? The oversimplified answer is that you need to make sure that you always have a way to either fix or avoid a problem. When it comes to the physical building and structural integrity of display stands, this means carrying tools with you that could be used to make quick repairs or fixes or having someone standing by who could do this for you.


In other areas it mostly means getting that backup plan into action. For example, purchasing a plane ticket that can be changed with no or limited fees or having a backup option for lodging is important. Also, since your staff are incredibly important to the success of your trade show exhibits, you should always have enough staff to easily staff display stands even if one or two people fall sick or have to leave for another emergency.


There is no way to be prepared for every eventuality, but taking a few simple steps like this can really protect yourself and your company’s financial interests.

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