Project Spotlight: Intel Booth at the Design Automation Conference

Project Spotlight: Intel Booth at the Design Automation Conference Banner

Blazer had the pleasure of working with Intel to design a custom booth that was displayed at this month’s ‘Design Automation Conference.’ The Intel booth included visualization elements, seating, and interactive displays among other important details.

The end result of the booth was a relaxing and inviting environment that clearly displayed the Intel logo and message without overwhelming passerby’s or making people feel unwelcome. In fact, the booth managed to attract thousand of visitors resulting in complete success for Intel.

Intel Booth Details

We designed a booth for Intel that was 20’ X 20’ and included a private conference room that could seat up to six people; a theater area; a double-sided demo station; a coffee bar; and a registration counter.

Did you know it was possible to add all of these things to a tradeshow exhibit?

Intel Design Automation Conference3When we talk about customizing any booth for any tradeshow, we really mean it! Intel came to us with ideas for this booth, and our designers took it to the next level by adding all kinds of interesting elements. The conference room provided a small, quiet, and private area where Intel representatives could speak with potential clients in a more intimate setting.

Let’s explore the elements of this booth a bit more, so that you can see how Intel’s design ideas can work for you and your custom display too.

Attractive Elements

As we’ve discussed many times on this blog, you have to have a part of your booth that works to attract potential clients. For Intel, that attraction came in the form of interactive displays. People were encouraged to enter the booth, view the tradeshow displays, play around with various elements of the booth, and step further into the booth for enjoy some refreshments.

A Secure Setting

People that were interested in Intel’s pitch didn’t have to feel uncomfortable about speaking with Intel reps. The private room that Blazer designed worked to make everyone feel more secure and relaxed. It removed the potential clients from the tradeshow setting and offered them the comfort of their own office.

Lighting and Flooring

If you look closely at the photos included in this post, you’ll see that the floor of the Intel booth is white. The tradeshow floor was dark gray, but we wanted to give Intel a pop of color that worked with the company’s logo by mixing the ‘Intel blue’ with light grey carpet and a blue aisle. The contrast was nice, recognizable to those that know Intel’s colors, and allowed the booth to be set apart from the show space and other surrounding booths. We used different lighting strategies inside of each section of the booth to create the illusion of separate rooms.

What We Can Do For You

The Intel booth that you see here is just one of the tradeshow displays that Blazer can create. The sky’s the limit when it comes to developing a tradeshow display that really stands out. Our design team will make sure that you have every element of your booth. But, more than that, our goal and job is to create a display with many different sections that all fit together – the coffee bar was designed to coincide with the private room, and it had to mesh with the outside of the booth that clearly displayed Intel’s logo.

Intel Design Automation Conference4There’s a lot of design and structure work that goes into creating a booth like this one, but that’s what we live for. If you have an event coming up that requires a lot of custom work, don’t hesitate to let us know. It really isn’t impossible to add anything that you want to your booth. A coffee bar is a great idea because it draws people in, but there are other ways of accomplishing that task too. If you like what you see here, stay tuned for more details about completed projects that we’ll be posting on our blog.

If you have a tradeshow coming up, don’t settle for the same tradeshow displays that everyone else will have. Call Blazer and let us create a custom display for you!


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