Project: A Trade Show Display in New York 

Project: A Trade Show Display in New York  Banner

It is already a misconception to think that women are more into fashion compared to men. Back in the days, this kind of thinking may hold water but now it is totally outdated. Men care about fashion as much as women do and men want to look fashionable and trendy as much as women do. The fashion industry has become more appreciative of the fact that men are now becoming more conscious about the way they look and are becoming more engrossed in making themselves look better than before. As a result, the fashion industry has become more lucrative. Imagine getting almost a fifty percent increase in revenue with the male demographics beginning to buy into the idea that they should wear the latest and trendiest clothes and accessories out in the market. Suddenly, the fashion industry is in a frenzy, all wanting their share of the male market. It is in this time and age that Project New York was born and continues to thrive.

Project New York

New York is considered one of the most fashionable if not the most fashionable place in the world. Fashion designers find their place of residence in New York. Big brands and fashion related businesses are often headquartered in the city. The people of New York are fashionable and they are living examples of individuality and making a statement when it comes to fashion. A trade show display in New York would often time feature fashionable big brands and trade show exhibit companies would regularly partner with fashion brands to host shows and exhibits related to fashion. That is why it is very fitting that New York plays hosts to Project.  Project New York is made possible by UBM fashion, a company that has been a partner of the biggest names in the fashion industry when it comes to hosting and launching big fashion events. The project is a large buying and fashion event featuring the largest collection of men’s wear and accessories.

Reasons to join Project New York

Project New York is one of the biggest events in fashion. Big brands and fashion companies are set to join this event. A trade show display in New York is almost always guaranteed to bring in many attendees especially if it is supported one of the biggest trade show exhibit companies in the city. Project New York is expected to be big and that should be one of the main reasons for someone who is in the fashion business to join this event. For retailers, this is an opportunity to purchase big brand items at good prices. Thousands of contemporary and fashionable men’s wear will be available at the exhibit. These items will be specially priced so it is always best to be there from day one because these items will go away fast.

Do not dare miss Project New York which happens on July 16 to 18, 2017 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York. Be part of the biggest and grandest fashion sale event in New York this month and enjoy being hip and trendy.


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