Promote Your Company At Your Next Trade Show With Promotional Gifts

Promote Your Company At Your Next Trade Show With Promotional Gifts Banner

There are a lot of clever (and not so clever) ploys to get more attendees to visit a trade show booth. Some companies have employed performers, some use eye-catching exhibit design combined with some form of music or video to draw attention, and then there is the ever-popular and simple bowl of candy. But, if you are looking for some new trade show ideas which will help you not only bring more interest to your trade show booth, but also help you promote your brand after the show is over, you should consider providing branded item giveaways or prizes.

There are all kinds of gifts that you could potentially give away at your trade show booth. Simple things like pens, cups or magnets are popular and usually quite affordable as well. In order to promote your brand most effectively, you will want to make sure that your promotional items have your logo and company name prominently displayed on them. You will also want to make sure that the items are at least of some quality, since a pen that breaks in a few days will not convey the best message about your brand. And, there is an increased likelihood that attendees will simply throw them out beforehand if they are particularly cheap or ugly.

Although giveaways can be one of the more effective trade show ideas, you should carefully consider your budget in order to decide what types of items (and how many) you want to give away. It may be better to opt for more alluring, more expensive and more interesting items and give them away in a raffle or contest to fewer attendees in order to attract more individuals to your trade show booth. After all, there are likely to be quite a few exhibitors who will be giving away stuff like pens and water bottles.

If you want to reach a larger volume of people, you need to think a bit more creatively about what type of giveaways you might provide. Obviously, if you have a small, cheap and plentiful product you could offer samples to attendees. But, if you are a company that doesn’t sell chocolate or soda, you might instead think more outside the box with your branded item giveaways. Try thinking of a clever play on words for your giveaways, for example an organization that helps find foster children a home gave away kits in little plastic bags that included a graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate and were labelled ‘We need s’more parents like you’ on the top. These types of trade show ideas allow you to set yourself apart from other exhibitors by not only providing an engaging trade show booth, but providing something that attendees can take with them to remind them of your company and promote your brand.

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