Why quality graphics are so important to your exhibiting program

As with most everyone who has been in the trade show and event industry you see great exhibits and ones that the younger generation would call “epic fails.” Companies spend good money on snazzy structures only to fall short by treating the graphics as an afterthought. Why does this happen?

So you are attending an event with your new exhibit structure.

Showing up to any event with a structure guarantees you nothing. That is right, absolutely zero. Your message or brand does not exist on a modular, custom or portable exhibiting structure. Those very important items are part of the bigger picture your marketing team puts together for your show goals. Once those branded graphics are in place a good portion of your show success or failures are in place.

How do you create successful messaging for your booth?

The short answer is you do not!  You create messaging for your target audience at the researched event you are attending. The trade show structure is just a platform to showcase your focused messages. With careful and precise execution you can gain the traffic you desire. The key is to know your target audience, then can pull them into your booth space with those all important messages.

How much should I spend on graphics?

I believe it depends on what kind of results you want from your time at the event. And I always say, do not be afraid to be bold and experiment. You have spent the time and money to attend the show already, so why get cheap with the brand?

For larger exhibits I would argue that 1/3 of your budget should be focused on graphics both static and interactive presentations. For smaller trade show display systems, it is not unusual for a 10×10 exhibitor to spend more money on graphics than the structure itself to get noticed.

Gaining more visitors.

Your graphics should do the initial work, so do not cut corners. These focused graphics should work in harmony with your structures design. Once inside your exhibit space your enthusiastic and motivated staff should take over. The higher quality of graphic design and messaging you put in front of your audience, the more qualified attendees will visit you weeding out the casual browser. this should result in better conversion at the shows you are exhibiting at.

Where can I find quality graphic designers?

If your in-house team in not familiar with trade shows. Talk to a trade show exhibit expert. They will guide you to the right professionals who know how to get the results you want or have their in-house design team work with you to accomplish your goals. Trade show graphic teams have the knowledge and insight on where on your exhibit structure the best places are for gaining interest, and help you avoid common mistakes that are made by less experienced artists.

So if your are tired of qualified attendees walking past your exhibit, then improve your exhibit’s visual appeal by setting aside the proper amount of effort and money into professional and high quality design. Now get out there and put on a better “face” at your next trade show.

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