Re-Purposed Trade Show Displays Can Be An Attractive Showpiece

Re-Purposed Trade Show Displays Can Be An Attractive Showpiece Banner

So, you spent all that time choosing a trade show booth, going over different designs and not to mention the money that your company had to shell out to make sure that you got something that is impressive enough to be worthy of your brand and now you’re supposed to just store it in a closet for 9 months out of the year? No! There’s no reason why you need to relegate your beautiful trade show exhibit to a storage closet somewhere. Instead, consider repurposing your trade show booth and displaying it in your office building or bringing it out for various public events and functions.

It’s been repeatedly demonstrated that trade shows can provide excellent return on investment if handled efficiently and intelligently, but the fact remains that they can also be a costly affair up front. That’s why you should try to squeeze as much value out of your trade show presence and a re-purposed trade show booth can help you make the most of your custom exhibit or pop up displays.

So, what exactly can you use your exhibit for? Well, you could use it as a place to put promotional marketing materials in your lobby. You could trot it out for public events around town and make sure that your pop up displays see the light of day more than just a couple of times per year when you are actually exhibiting at a trade show. You could re-purpose table-top displays as platforms for sales pitches and tabling at smaller events, or for your travelling salespeople.

Of course, your display graphics can easily be repurposed and used in other contexts as well. And, whether you have pop up displays or a custom exhibit, you can usually make an excellent showpiece out of parts of your trade show booth. Also, don’t forget that you can certainly re-use your interactive kiosks and iPad displays for other events and perhaps in the reception area or lobby of your office as well.

Make sure that you don’t just let your trade show exhibit collect dust in the storage closet. There are many other possibilities to repurpose and reuse your trade show booth or pop up displays.

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