Trade Show Rental Booths for Congress of Pediatric Dermatology

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Want to know the latest trends and development in the growing field of pediatric dermatology? Sign up for the 13th annual World Congress of Pediatric Dermatology which happens on July 6 to 9 2017. The venue will be at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

The 13 World Congress of Pediatric Dermatology is sponsored by the Society for Pediatric Dermatology and co-sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The quadrennial event last 4 days will have discussions and talks on Medical, Health Care, Skin Care, Dermatology and Pediatric Dermatology.

It will be hosted by the Society of Pediatric Dermatology. It features the latest in the field of Pediatric Dermatology with lectures on practical and cutting-edge technology and techniques.

Top 5 Reasons to set up Chicago trade show displays in this event:

  1. Riveting Discussions – During the conference, 35 different pediatric dermatology topics will be discussed. These include the Observations on the Management of Tinea in Children; new developments in acne; Eczema Prevention; Contact Allergens in Children; Vaccines Updated; self-induced Factitial Conditions among Children and Teens; Research Crossing International Borders; PeDRA Morphea Mapping Study; Cutaneous Mosaicism; International Collaboration in Pediatric Dermatology Research; and others.
  1. Continuing Education – There will also be a discussion on cases as well as courses. Course 1 is on Pigmentary Disorders in Children. This tackles the differences between congenital and acquired hypopigmentation as well as diagnostic features with special emphasis on children of color. Other related topics like albinism, vitiligo, progressive macular hypomelanosis, eruptive macular pigmentations, congenital nevi, and Blaschkoid pigmentation in children.
  1. New Technology – Pediatric Dermatology has gotten more notice with new technologies being applicable for young people as well as adults. It is no longer just acne and pigmentation problems which afflict children and teens. More and more these same afflictions are found in adults, in general. The treatment for these conditions is applicable for adults, kids, and teens.
  1. Hot Topics – Pigmentations, as well as the lack of it, are particularly hard on children as they can be the cause of introversion, anti-social behavior or invite bullying. It is hard enough to cope with studies, it is even harder to have added and unwanted stress and pressure due to these skin conditions.
  1. Exposure Trade show rental booths can get you more than just contacts and potential clients. It can offer you a lot of exposure and publicity. Having a booth at this convention will allow you to distribute flyers, leaflets, and business cards. You can also offer product samples and showcase your services and the technology you have to an already captive audience.

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