Recycled Materials Provide A Green Basis For Your Trade Show Display

Recycled Materials Provide A Green Basis For Your Trade Show Display Banner

Here’s one of the coolest trade show ideas that we’ve seen in some time. It’s the use of entirely reclaimed and recycled materials to comprise your trade show displays. That’s right, instead of contributing to the increasing degradation of our environment, you can really show off your green chops by making use of a new reclaimed material that reuses materials which would otherwise end up as waste and doesn’t contribute to the destruction of our most threatened ecosystems, including the rainforests or atmosphere.


Understanding why to use recycled materials for eco-friendly trade show displays.Lisa Apolinski, a writer for TSNN, recently sat down and discussed one of these products which is called ECOR, with the president of the company that makes it, Noble Environmental Technologies. Bob Noble told her exactly why using reclaimed materials is one of the most obvious trade show ideas to come along in a while.


The product is derived from a mixture of recycled products like paper, agricultural wastes and other fiber building blocks. The end result is a material that is versatile, strong and, most notably, easy on the environment. It provides a high strength-to-weight ratio as well.


The basis of this business model is quite sound. It’s essentially putting into action the old maxim that one man’s waste is another man’s treasure. In other words, as Mr. Noble says, these reclaimed materials take waste products that most companies see as no-value and just throw away and processes them to become valuable, high-strength and versatile materials for trade show banners, stands and other uses.


Now, the processing of these new materials does take time and energy and that equals slightly higher costs than new and synthetically manufactured materials. But, the benefit to the environment is significant. At this time, using the materials not only helps you feel better about your role in protecting the earth’s environment for future generations, but it also provides a means to market your commitment to sustainability to a very receptive group of eco-conscious consumers.

In the future, if politicians ever get their act together, companies may see financial incentives to use these types of materials as well. But, for now, just take comfort in knowing that your banners and trade show supplies are made in a responsible and conscientious way. This is truly one of those trade show ideas whose time has come. Trust us, in the future you will look back and know you made the right decision.

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