Rental Display Options For Your Upcoming Trade Shows

Rental Display Options For Your Upcoming Trade Shows Banner

Rental display are becoming more popular and diverse throughout the industry and finding the solution that fits your needs is critical. More importantly – what exhibiting options you have, and how you can save an enormous amount of money with a fully customized design of your choosing.

Things have exponentially improved over the last handful of years with the rental display market. So much so that it is just about impossible to tell many tradeshow display rentals from expensive custom-built exhibiting properties. These days your rental exhibit does not need to look like the rigid and blocky trade show displays of the past and can be as modern and sleek as you want it to be.

Rental display options these days are extremely diverse with a lot of flexibility in form and functionality that cover all types of structural substrates graphics solutions. From backlit or illuminated lightweight channel fit fabrics, aluminum extrusion frames both round and square, to elegant modern truss, it seems like an endless supply of interesting and diverse materials are at your disposal to get that perfect look for your exhibit.

Custom Rental Display

Finding the right rental display for your needs

Many exhibitors only offer display rentals based on their proprietary extrusion or system based properties. These particular styles of trade show display rentals are a dime a dozen and they tend to look the same and offer very little variation even at larger sizes.

These prefabricated rental display systems get your attention with reduced pricing on websites, but once assembled on the show floor they blend in with similar exhibiting systems and become sadly become unremarkable. The reality is that you can get a far better trade show rental booth with a phone call or email to a custom exhibiting house. It really is that easy.

Custom exhibit providers have great rental options

Approaching a custom trade show and exhibit house for your rental exhibit is a spectacular idea as many of them tend to have a diverse set of prefab and custom built display rental properties they have acquired over the years residing in their inventories.

The range of rental display solutions offered is dynamic and can be designed for any floor space or need including Kiosks, display tables, reception counters, and conference rooms. Most importantly to mention – total exhibits that are in the rental exhibit inventory of all sizes. 10×10, 20×20, Islands, peninsulas, and double deckers just to name a few of the sizes. They have them all.

Rental Exhibit Blazer

The benefits of a trade show rental display

Maybe you are in a non-commital mindset when it comes to your tradeshow exhibiting approach, or possibly you are testing the waters for new shows for the upcoming exhibit and event season. Your reasons for looking into a trade show display rental may vary, but the great news is that there are structures and exhibiting systems that solve any problem at any size. Let us take a look at just a few benefits:

Exhibiting on a budget

Trade show display rentals offer a budget-conscious option to outright purchasing a booth that may not fit all of your exhibiting needs. That display rental option is a huge bonus because you can adjust a design to your needs as they grow with your business.

Multiple venues at the same time

If you are attending more than one trade show that has overlapping show dates, a rental exhibit is an ideal display solution that doesn’t have to break the bank. Trade show houses need their inventory on the road so you can broker great price on a display rental even if it is a last minute decision.

Rentals completely custom built to your specifications

Not only can you have a custom design of your choice with a display rental, but you also have options for your exhibit design to be built with a number different materials from extruded aluminum to solid panels that work together to create just the right look for your show.

Save money on shipping and drayage

Getting your trade show display rental under budget can be as simple as choosing a lightweight option. Hanging tension fabric exhibits and aluminum extrusion display rental structures can give you a massive footprint on an exhibiting floor. These types of display can be packed into just a couple of crates saving you a ton of money on shipping.

Regardless of what the size trade show or display rental configuration you need, exhibit rentals in today’s market are truly amazing. The benefits are abundant and seemingly unlimited in size and scope for any size budget. I encourage you to explore all of the rental options available to you today.

• Podiums
• Prefab Counters
• Custom meeting rooms
• Secure display tables
• Monitors and LED walls
• iPad stands
• Kiosks
• 10×10 exhibits and smaller
• 20×20 exhibits and larger

Matt Smith has been a professional User Experience and Graphic designer for over 28 years who works closely with trade show and event companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and Denver Colorado.

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