Rental Exhibits: A Smarter, Leaner Option

Rental Exhibits: A Smarter, Leaner Option Banner

One of the longest running criticism of trade shows is the difficulty of accurately gauging the return on investment of exhibiting and attending a trade show. There have been many people who have concluded that trade shows do, in fact, provide a substantial return on investment, however nebulous and difficult to gauge in the short-term that it may be. Regardless, companies who want to maximize their efficiency when exhibiting at trade shows, should take strategic steps to use their financial resources in the most efficient ways possible. This is why display rentals are a popular and smart option for companies that want to have a presence with trade show displays, but stay lean and efficient with their finances at the same time.

Trade show displays come in many sizes, shapes colors and types. Most crucially the distinction with many exhibit booths will be whether they are brand new, custom built exhibits (which offers the most freedom and control over the design, but can also be more expensive), new exhibits which have some level of customization and perhaps modularity, but aren’t fully custom exhibits and finally used or rental displays that can provide the biggest ‘bang for the buck’ for companies trying to operate on a leaner financial model.

With the proliferation of durable and inexpensive materials, many display rentals can provide an option that still provides for customization if desired, but which can save lots of money in the short-term and the long-run, by not requiring an expensive initial investment up front and the costs associated with shipping, storage, drayage etc. Exhibit booths that are rentals are now everywhere you look on the trade show floor. You won’t be able to tell the difference, because the quality materials are typically complemented by custom display graphics that allow companies to reap the financial benefits of display rentals without the need to compromise much on appearance or visual impact.

Rental exhibits are growing in popularity for many medium-sized companies and other businesses which want to run a leaner operation at their next trade show. The cost savings can be significant. Sometimes they can save you a third to a half or more. With a savings like that, it is worth asking about and looking into for many companies, even if you weren’t initially considering it.

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