O’Reilly Velocity Conference: San Jose’s Rental Exhibits Shine

O’Reilly Velocity Conference: San Jose’s Rental Exhibits Shine Banner

The constant innovation of the information technology era is very fast that if you won’t chase it, you will be left behind. This modern day era is conquered by a complex system of multiple technologies and is always challenging the creativity and extent of the engineers.

Last Jun 19-22, 2017 at the O’Reilly Velocity Conference held in San Jose California, gathering of the biggest minds in the information technology take place to exchange ideas with the experts, share best practices and lessons, and learning to handle modern systems and applications

What to Expect for this year of Velocity 2017?

The four days event will be devoted to web operations, DevOps and Systems Engineering. There are quality times with the experts where the attendee was given the opportunity to meet the industry leaders who are taking the web performance and operations to the next level. Training and tutorials are laid out to address critical topics and technologies as well as technical sessions to experience the procedure first hand from the experts themselves. As for the networking sessions, in line are the fun evening events, birds of a feather sessions, and plenty of networking opportunities that will help the attendees meet individuals that will inspire and help them on their specific field of specialization.

Who to meet at the exhibitor’s floor?

An Exhibit Hall featuring dozens of latest tools and products from the major IT companies in the world. Custom trade show booths are well prepared and laid out at the venue featuring world class materials, futuristic designs, and interactive zones. The exhibitors are making their way to be noticed at the jam-packed venue by providing promotional materials, giveaway, and by personally handling queries of the attendees. Onsite presentations also make them stand out in addition to having custom trade show boothBlazer Exhibits is the leading provider of rental exhibits not just in San Jose but in prime Expo venues in America. They deliver the best custom trade show booths according to the demands of the clients. Having a dedicated team of professionals to handle each account, Blazer Exhibits treated every event special.

As the event has concluded, positive feedback from the attendees is flooding their website.

Some comments from the attendees:

“This is a great conference to attend for any web app developer. Loved the quality of the content, the variety of topics and awesome presenters. I will try to bring my whole team next year. “

“As the first-time attendee, I was really impressed by the variety of subject areas, technologies, and vendors. Whether you are in development operations, product or management, you will not only leave with more knowledge and exposure – you will be inspired. “

With more than 3,000 in attendance, at least 50 exhibitors, Hundreds of resource speakers, Velocity 2017 is surely a successful event.

If you wish to attend the upcoming Velocity 2018, kindly visit their website at https://conferences.oreilly.com/velocity/vl-ca

If you are impressed by the exhibit set up of the event, please get in touch with Blazer Exhibits.


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