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Trade Show Booth - America's Finest City

Today more than 30 million tourists visit San Diego every year. They come for many reasons, from its renowned restaurant scene to its amazing outdoor activities. With great weather all year, it is no wonder that the city ranks as one of the highest in tourism rates. Many people come to one of America’s finest city for trade shows and conventions as well. From the Association of Realtors Conference & Expo to The Annual Meeting of The  Society for Neuroscience and everything in between, including the famous Comic-Con (comic book convention). This event alone drew a crowd of 167,000 in 2015

Due to the city of San Diego being the prime location for employment within all the industries mentioned and more, it also makes it the perfect place to attend a trade show.  Trade shows in San Diego are typically a huge success for businesses who attend those related to their industry. This is largely because of the high amount of attendees and vendors alike.  The county population exceeds one million people throughout its entirety, but the visitors from tourism are key. This reason alone is enough to get a trade show booth rental in San Diego attend an event there to expand your business or look for potential business partnerships.

The city is is home to a vast array of performing arts, artistic events, trade shows and other public events.  This makes it excellent for finding entertainment or speakers at the trade show to make it more compelling for attendees and vendors.  The location of San Diego in Southern California also makes it great for turning your next trade show into a vacation as well. For attendance at one of the shows in San Diego related to your industry, your company will need a trade show booth rental or custom trade show display in San Diego to truly capitalize on the potential business right at your fingertips.

If you’ll be participating in an upcoming convention and need to find out about custom trade show displays or booth rentals, Blazer Exhibits & Events can help.

San Diego Trade Show Booth Design Rental and Purchase

We provide trade show display rental across the country. Not only do we offer convention booths for rent, but we also design and sell custom trade show exhibits. From developing design concepts that attract prospects to creating your displays and getting it to the convention venue on time, Blazer Exhibits & Events is your partner in successful trade show presentations.

Trade shows in the city of San Diego offer an enormous amount of opportunity for businesses in any industry.  People in other industries likely will have an interest and attend a trade show of interest to them for sheer pleasure along with business.  For example, a technology trade show will draw in vendors and attendees from just about any industry imaginable. San Diego has the population that will offer just about any sized trade show in almost any industry a chance to thrive with the right marketing efforts to bring in a decent crowd. If your business wants to tap into the potential opportunities offered by the crowd attending these shows, then having a trade show booth rental or customized trade show booth in San Diego is a great choice for growth.

When you work with Blazer Exhibits, you have plenty of flexibility: We offer custom or portable modular exhibit systems, for sale or rent. And we take care of the process from setup to tear-down.

If you’d like to see what we can do for you, let us develop a FREE 3D conceptual design proposal for your review!

Turnkey Trade Show Displays

Successful design of a trade show exhibit is only part of the equation. Getting your booth to the trade show safely and on time and getting it set up to your specifications is the rest. We have partnered with exhibit movers who are experts at the logistics of setting up and tearing down trade show booths.

From simple trade show display rentals to custom trade show booth, we handle every aspect of convention booth design, rentals, and sales. So for all your trade show displays needs, give Blazer Exhibits & Events a call!