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Are you interested in participating in a trade show in San Diego? It might be easier to pull off than you think. Blazer Exhibits can provide you with a custom trade show booth rental fully designed to meet your needs. This includes company branding, budget, style preferences, and more. 

Type of Trade Show Booth Rentals Available in Blazer Exhibits’ Inventory

Renting a trade show booth doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style or compromise your needs and your branding. Trade show booth rentals have come a long way, and at Blazer, we always strive to ensure you get what you really need in a rental. 

These are the types of trade show booth rentals we provide to our customers:

  • Pop-Up Displays
  • Double Deck
  • Portable Displays
  • Custom Exhibits
  • And Much More

Read a little bit more about each of these below. 

Pop-Up Displays

Pop-up displays are a long-time favorite style in the industry. These displays use a variety of printing and lighting options to create a large visual display as a central focus of your scene. You can pair the pop-up with things like shelving, monitor holders, towers, podiums, and other details. 

Double Deck

A double deck trade show exhibit is the king of exhibits in many ways. It is the largest trade show booth available and is designed to be dramatic and roomy. These are bi-level structures that offer extra rooms or privacy for your event needs. They attract attention due to their size and provide you with a lot of space to work with. 

Portable Displays

Portable displays are designed to be small and simple, however, they also stand out. They are easy to cart around and require less work to set up from trade show to trade show. Companies that use these often choose them for their simplicity. They are still customized to your specifications and can be flexible or adjustable as needed. 

Custom Exhibits

A custom exhibit is 100% tailored to you. Rather than using an existing design or style, we create the entire setup for your exact requirements and needs. Most companies will not allow these as trade show booth rental booths, but we want you to have the tools that you need, right at your fingertips. 

And Much More

Our offerings don’t stop there. While these are some of the top choices that people use, you will find there are more options available. In a trade show booth rental from Blazer, you get to be a part of the design and the concepts are meant to provide for your needs with options like conference rooms, towers, kiosks, and much more

Factors to Consider When Renting a Trade Show Booth

You don’t have to do the hard work when it comes to a trade show booth rental. However, we need to know what your design ideas are as well as any specific needs that you might have. These factors will be critical: 

  • Size and location of your booth
  • Budget
  • Branding and design elements
  • Additional services needed (i.e. audio/visual, lighting, etc.)

Popular Trade Show Venues in San Diego

San Diego has some fantastic places where trade shows can be hosted. These are popular locations and you can find several shows throughout the year to choose from. Check these top trade show venues out. 

San Diego Convention Center

The San Diego Convention Center is the top location for trade shows and conventions in the San Diego area. It’s right near the marina so guests have nearby access to food, lodging, activities, and more. 

San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina

The San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina is a gorgeous location and it’s attached to one of the best hotels in the area. It is in the marina area and the location is quite charming.  

Hilton San Diego Bayfront

The Hilton San Diego Bayfront location is a close competitor to the Marriott. They are similar in size. This is one of the signature resorts of the SoCal area. The event spaces offer more than 170,000 square feet of space. 

San Diego County Fair

The San Diego County fair is a big deal. But what you might be interested in the most is the Del Mar Fairgrounds used to host the fair. The fair’s attendance has reached more than 1.6 million people in recent years, and the grounds are a great outdoor location for trade shows and other functions. 

Quick Tips to Maximize Your Trade Show Experience

You’ve got the details and the location; now it’s time to plan your trade show. You want to be set up for success. 

Use these quick tips for the best experience:

  1. Make sure you market and promote prior to the trade show.
  2. Ensure you have plenty of staff and that they’ve been trained in how to manage a trade show. 
  3. Follow up and network with prospects and clients both before and after the show. 

Let Blazer Exhibits Help You with Your San Diego Trade Show Booth Rental

Plan ahead for your trade show and make it a successful adventure. We can help! Blazer Exhibits & Events has been helping create trade show booth rentals for more than 25 years. We have experience bringing your visions to life and helping make your event a success. 

Contact us today and let’s talk about your trade show needs. 

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